Last Name: Byacornise
First Name: Shiron
"The Ever-Laughing Witch" and also "Calico".
Gender: Female
Type: Person
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Shiron Byacornise, also known as "The Ever-Laughing Witch", was a girl who lived in the Ronar Dukedom, an era three centuries before the current timeline.
Extended Information

A beautiful girl with peculiar hair, resembling the fur of a calico cat, thus earning her the name "Calico". As she lived more than three centuries ago, she dresses in a rather formal gown, with lots of lace and frills.

Shiron Byacornise is a very caring and sweet person. She cannot bear to to see others suffering, as she has gone through a horrible childhood herself. Though her intentions are good she cannot execute them for fear of the Church.

Magic Ability
Shiron has the ability to look far into the future, which also enables her to listen to people in the future if they talk near her 'book'.

She wields the laughing demon sword Shlamuffen, bestowed by the King.