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The Crunchyroll forum’s purpose is to promote the enjoyment of Anime. It is a place that supports positive interactions around the topic of anime and the Crunchyroll services.

1) Don't link to or name websites, fansub groups, or scanlation groups that share anime, manga, drama, music, translations, or other material they don't have permission for. This includes posting images that are watermarked with this information.

2) Content created by and shared by users in Crunchyroll's community space where users interact with each other should be appropriate for the comfort of a wide range of users. Avoid especially salacious or graphically violent content, as well as material likely to be found offensive, including excessive vulgarity, and tasteless commentary or jokes regarding rape, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, etc. when contributing to forums, comments, guest books, groups, and user reviews, and when creating your profile.

Keep in mind that context is relevant. There may be times when a remark or image is acceptable as part of one conversation, but would be inappropriate in another. Sometimes one or two remarks or images of a certain sort will be taken as fun, but a glut of such posts/comments may create an uncomfortable atmosphere for others. Use your best judgment, but understand that mods will also be using their best judgment (which might not always agree with yours) and may take appropriate action at their discretion.

3) Be respectful of other users and assume goodwill. Don't insult other users; don't troll, don't flame, don't offer up flamebait.

4) Cybersex, including sexual role play, is not allowed on CR, including via Private Messages (PMs)*, guest books, or groups. Profiles which appear to be invitations to (or which appear to express openness to) such activity are also not allowed.
*Out of respect for user privacy, moderators do not have direct access to your private messages. Because of this Crunchyroll provides a way for you to "moderate" your own PMs and essentially ban specific users from PMing you. Please use this feature if someone attempts to start sexual, or other unwanted conversation with you via PM. Add users to your Block List here:
If you feel like someone is pressuring you into text sex PMs, please block that user immediately and report it right away. Don't let their behavior get you, or others, in trouble. If you know someone who is being pressured into these kinds of activities, please ask them to report the user to the moderators and to block their PMs.

5) Do not Spam (repeatedly post the same or similar thing) for any reason, including for the purpose of getting CR points.

6) Most commercial advertising is not allowed, but promotion of crowdfunded projects that are likely to be of special interest to Crunchyroll users is allowed as long as it breaks no other rules, and is for smaller independent companies creating an actual product. Links to your own music, art, reviews, etc. that you create are allowed when they are on-topic (but don't spam them).

7) Creating additional ("alt") accounts is not generally allowed. If you need to create a second account for some reason, contact moderators or customer support with a reasonable explanation for creation of the alternate account. Alt accounts that are used to spam, harass/deceive other users, get around a ban or break any other rules may be banned or deleted on sight without warning.

Infringement of these rules may result in edits to and deletion of posts, comments, etc., and in some cases a temporary ban. This ban varies based on the infraction and can include deletion of your account.

Comments policy

Guest Pass codes should not be posted in comments. They are considered off-topic and, because they are used so quickly, they become clutter almost instantly. They also tempt people to read comments before watching an episode, which increases the chances they'll encounter minor spoilers. Guest pass requests should also not be made in comments. To give away or request guest passes please use The Official Guest Pass Thread "stickied" near the top of the Anime forum.

Information from sources such as manga, light novels, games, or future episodes should not be posted at all in episode comments or reviews--not even if marked as a spoiler. Spoiler tag should be used for specifics of what has already happened in the anime. Episode comments should only refer to content in that episode or prior episodes. If you want to briefly mention future or potential events, try checking the Anime Show Discussion Index to find a discussion thread on the series (but please do use the spoiler tag in forum posts and add context for what's under the spoiler tag and what the source is).

A comment should be marked as a spoiler when it mentions something especially significant from the episode or reveals something that was intended as a surprise in the episode.

An episode comment does not have to be marked as a spoiler if it conveys basic info and thoughts about what happens in an episode. If you really don't want to know anything about what happens in an episode before you watch it, then don't read comments until you have watched the episode.

"That new pippetypoppity powerup is amazing! She finally got to kick some butt and win a match." should be marked as a spoiler.
"Man Vegeta is rocking that pink shirt!" does not need to be marked as a spoiler.

*There is a 2 week grace period for all popular franchises in theatres. Any video or library comments spoiling a current big franchise or film in theatres, from the duration of its first release date to the end of its 2nd week in theatres, will automatically receive a ban for 1 month.

Information from sources such as manga and light novels should not be posted at all in anime reviews. Any simulcasted anime reviews posted before any episodes have been released, will be automatically deleted. Spoiler tag should be used for specifics of what has already happened in the anime. Only post a review of the anime, not any side-materials.


Start new threads in the appropriate forums. Mods may move threads if they aren't started in the appropriate forum. Poll Topics should be started in the Polls forum regardless of subject matter, except when they are a clear and relevant part of a request for personal advice/feedback. Polls for the purpose of requesting advice and recommendations, or feedback about one's own creative projects, are now allowed in the Advice, Info, Recommendations and Creative forums. For site- or Crunchyroll app-related questions, use the site support Help! forums. Ask your non-Crunchyroll support and non-discussion "I need advice/information/recommendation" type questions in the Advice, Info, Recommendations forum.

Don't start new threads asking Crunchyroll to add such and such show or manga. Premium Members may suggest Anime/Manga/Drama in the What series/ movie/ drama/ manga would you like to see on CR thread in the CR Premium Members Group.

New Season Show Discussion Threads: Each user may start only one new season show discussion thread per day. Note: This restriction affects only discussion threads for the shows starting in the current season.

Check for similar existing threads before starting a new one. Use the search feature to see if the discussion topic you want to start already exists. If it does, add your thoughts to the existing thread instead of starting a new topic. (If the existing thread seems quite old, contact a mod about closing it so you can create a new one without it being considered duplicate.)

Write clearly. Do your best to write in an intelligible way. Posts that don't make sense may be interpreted as off-topic or spam. New threads that start with a post that is nonsensical or very hard to understand may be closed as they tend to create confusion and don't lead to discussion.

Encourage discussion. When starting a thread, be sure to provide enough information, including your own thoughts, to get discussion started. If you are sharing a link make sure it's clear what the link is to, either within the link itself or as a brief description you add. Threads which consist only of links, images, or material quoted from another source without any original contribution beyond "Here's this thing; react" may be closed by moderators. Threads with overly vague, sensationalist, inflammatory, or misleading titles or opening posts may be renamed or closed by moderators.

Other ways to keep the forum experience enjoyable. Be positive. Be encouraging. Be respectful. Avoid using all caps. Trim quotes to avoid creating long quote pyramids. Avoid double posting (use the "edit" feature instead of creating two or more posts in a row). Be reasonable when posting images (just a couple of images per post; keep them sized to fit within post boundaries). Use spoiler tags when posting about significant events in shows, manga, etc., or when revealing something from a related source. A little extra conversation in threads can be nice but be careful not to go so far off topic as to derail the discussion.

Things that will get you quickly banned:
Hate speech, offensive language, copyright fraud posts, spamming, trolling, scam postings, harassment, cyberbullying, threats, stalking, doxxing, automated or disruptive postings, using alt accounts, or repeated posting of topics not supporting this forum’s purpose.

Mods may close threads or edit/delete posts that don’t support the forum purpose or to conform to these guidelines at their discretion.
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