Year Produced: 2006
Episodes: 1
Type: Series
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Fans: 62
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Sky Girls OVA

A.D. 2079, A mysterious mechanical cellar cluster begins “Human Being Sweep Operation”. After two years’ war, the human beings are outnumbered by the cluster, and they finally decide to use the ultimate weapon. Sacrificing their continent, they manage to eliminate the enemy. However it causes most of the continents to split, Antarctica disappears and 50% of the world slips under the sea.

Three years later, the enemy cluster that is supposed to have been destroyed is found by the Midway. To identify them, an aircraft carrier, The Koryu, leaves a Japanese port secretly. The Koryu carries three fighters designed by scientists of the Japanese Navy. They are Aviation Exoskelton Sky Divers, Reijin, Fujin, and Raijin. The pilots of these fighters are three young girls called Sky Girls, Sakurano Otoha, Sonomiya Kren, and Ichijo Eika.

It’s time to fly into the air carrying the future and dreams of the human beings.
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Eika Ichijo (lead)Shizuka Itou
Elise von Dietrich (lead)Ayumi Tsuji
Karen Sonomiya (lead)Saori Goto
Otoha Sakurano (lead)Ayako Kawasumi
Aisha KrishnamAzusa Kataoka
Aki YukoHitomi Nabatame
KadowakiShinji Ogawa
Nanae FujiedaYui Horie
Oto SeibiKan Tanaka
Rei HizukiJunji Majima
Ryohei TachibanaKishou Taniyama
ShimaYutaka Aoyama
Soya TogoKeiji Fujiwara
Takumi HayamiRyoko Shiraishi