Snow Princess Kaguya
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Snow Princess Kaguya

Sailor Moon S: The Movie is the second of three theatrically released Sailor Moon movies. Its full name in Japanese is Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S The Movie (劇場版 美少女戦士セーラームーンS, Gekijouhan Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S?). The English dub is called Sailor Moon S the Movie: Hearts in Ice. It debuted in Japanese theater on December 4, 1994. The film was soft matted for its theatrical release, as it was animated in 4:3 full screen. The same was done with the Sailor Moon R Movie and the Sailor Moon Super S Movie. The movie is named thus for the third arc of the Sailor Moon anime, Sailor Moon S, as it was released around the same time. The events portrayed seem to take place during approximately the same time period.

The "S movie" is the only one of the three to have been based on a story which actually appeared in Naoko Takeuchi's original manga series. The sidestory, entitled The Lover of Princess Kaguya (Kaguya hime no koibito), was published as Volume 11 in the original release of the manga. It was accompanied by a shorter sidestory called Casablanca Memories, featuring Rei Hino.

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