Tags: drama, mecha
Year Produced: 2006
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
Page Views: 29413
Fans: 55
Wall Posts: 182

Soukou no Strain

Sara Werec comes from a respected military family and when her brother Ralph leaves for the frontlines of an interstellar war she makes a promise to follow in his footsteps and join him one day. However the next time she sees her brother he has become a traitor and is leading an enemy attack on her training base. Defeated and disgraced, Sara loses her status in an elite military unit and now must start over as a common pilot and work her way back up so she can once again confront her brother.
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Lottie Gelh (lead)Yukana Nogami
Sara Werec (lead)Ayako Kawasumi
EmilyAi Nonaka
IsabellaRie Tanaka
Jessie IjesseMiyu Matsuki
Lavinia ReberthAi Nonaka