Summer x Summer
Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 23
Type: Series
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Summer x Summer

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Manga synopsis - When Chiyako Yamabe met Natsume, her class-mate, for the very first time, she believed they would become best friends. When Natsume saw Rui, Chiyako's one-year-younger brother, for the very first time, she fell in love with him. But how could a plain girl like Natsume attract the attention of Rui Yamabe, the cool bishounen model who has a difficult personality? He never care what people thought about him.

Kyota Funabashi, the kendo captain, liked Chiyako, but Chiyako thought he liked Natsume. Ichiro Takeshima, one of the kendo boy, decided to send a love letter to Natsume. Rui laughed at her, knowing that it's the first love letter Natsume has ever received.

But then, why did Rui agree to continue his career in modelling if only Natsume become his manager? Not that it was easy to ask permission from her father, since Natsume is in her last year of high school. Then Rui agreed to join a fashion show in Paris for the summer. Other people believed that he did that only to meet Shoko Shigemura, his first love...!!! He got into trouble with the famous designer Ryuichi Katsura and he became very angry when later Mr. Katsura asked Natsume to be his model!
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Chiwa Amano (lead)
Konami Hatano (lead)Natsumi Yanase
Master (lead)
Sana Kaizu (lead)
Shino Ebizuka (lead)
Takumi Kaizu (lead)