First Name: Syaoran
Gender: Male
Hometown: The kingdome of clow
Type: Person
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Syaoran is one of the main characters in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. He's on a mission to recover Sakura's memory, also known as her feathers. He knows the sacrifice he will make, but he doesn't care, as long as Sakura is fine, he's willing to give up anything he has, just to save her. Will his journey take him to what he really wants?

[Edit]Syaoran is the adopted son of Fujitaka, who found him in the street. He often accompanies his father on expeditions, and while in the Clow Kingdom, he spends most of his time with Sakura. After Sakura's memories are scattered, he makes it his goal to find them, even at the cost of their relationship. He eventually starts to lose control of his body at certain points, and his personality completely changes. It is eventually revealed that he is a clone of the original Syaoran, meant to be a mindless doll controlled by Reed. Syaoran manages to place some of his "heart" within the clone's right eye, which allows him to become his own person. After the seal breaks, he is used by Reed to collect feathers, but he comes to his senses after killing Sakura. He is killed after he betrays Reed, but he is reincarnated into Syaoran Li.

Syaoran often feels he is a burden to others, and he is constantly concerned about worrying others. He is shy and innocent, but he is willing to risk his life for those close to himself. He is an aspiring archaeologist, he can read a number of languages, and he takes an overly animate interest in history and books. When the seal on his right eye breaks, Syaoran's becomes cold and indifferent. He only cares about collecting feathers and will do whatever it takes to get them, including injuring those who care for him. He ignores any type of pain, which makes him strong and ruthless.

Syaoran is blind within his right eye, which is instead used by the original to see, so he has depth perception problems. Seishiro teaches him a style of fighting based around kicking to make up for it, and he later trains with Kurogane to remove the weakness by training while blindfolded. He is also taught swordsmanship by Kurogane, and he later gains Hien, a sword with magical properties that allow it to create fire.
After the seal on his right eye is broken, he consumes one of Fai's eyes, which are the source of his magic. He uses it to its full destructive potential, and it becomes stronger every time he uses it.