Tabidachi - Ami Shuushou
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1986
Air Date: Started Jun 21, 1986
Episodes: 1
Type: Series
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Tabidachi - Ami Shuushou

Ami's Journey
Cream Lemon: Ami's Journey

Movie based on the Ami series of the Cream Lemon franchise. This movie was co-aired with Project A-Ko movie. It was released in August 10, 1986).
Extended Information

Cream Lemon is an H anime series with some in-depth storylines and classic (late 1970s to early 1980s style) artwork. The first Cream Lemon OVA was released in 1984, though Cream Lemon was not the first hentai OVA. The first was Lolita Anime, released earlier in 1984.

Cream Lemon is a collection of somewhat surreal stories having different settings and situations at different points in time, with genres including fantasy, comedy, suspense, sci-fi, action, drama and mystery. The overriding theme of the series is sex of almost any kind imaginable. Most chapters stand alone as separate titles, having no relation to any other stories within the Cream Lemon series. The main recurring characters are a brother, Hiroshi, and sister, Ami, who are edging ever closer to an incestuous relationship.

Cream Lemon often focuses on unrealistic and exaggerated themes that could never happen. One such example is of the story of a girl who does not like sex because of a series of rapes in her family. To cure this, the school counseler orders her to strip off in front of the art class and masturbate herself to the point of orgasm. She then has public sex with a boy and likes it, causing the whole class to start having sex. Others are equally surreal.

Related to the Cream Lemon series is the Project A-Ko series, which was originally to be the third installment of Cream Lemon but changed while in production to be a mainstream title. The only remaining indication is the bath scene with B-ko.

- Wikipedia
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