Taichi Mashima
Last Name: Mashima
First Name: Taichi
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Japan
Birthday: Apr 2, 1995
Blood Type: A
By Mamoru Miyano
Type: Person
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Taichi Mashima

-Taichi is from a wealthy family.His mother is very pushy and wants her son to win medals. When the Kurata club visit his house one room is full of medals and trophies that he won. He's smart, good looking and charismatic. He also has a crush on Chihiya but is hesitant to do anything as he thinks that she only has eyes for Arata.
Extended Information

Taichi Mashima is the president of the Karuta Club in Mizusawa High School. He is popular among his peers, a well rounded sportsman, and is the top of the class. During his elementary days, he formed the karuta team Chihayafuru alongside Chihaya Ayase and Arata Wataya.


Taichi has always been shown as the good-looking boy. He has light pink hair and hazel eyes. He had always been teased for his short height and bushy brows during his childhood. The matured Taichi still had that same bushy brow (which didn't make him less attractive at all) and was teased by Dr. Harada on the first time they met after years.


Taichi is smart, analytical, and a well-rounded athlete backed up with an incredibly sharp memory. He is shown to be an over-achiever. According to him, his parents pushed him to join many activities. On top of which his mother is the perfectionist when it comes to her son. Later on, he was teased by his karuta teammates, naming him the "Jack of All Trades, master of nothing).

Contrary to the self-confident, matured person that people see, Taichi is quite the worrywart and is easily discouraged (yes he is a coward). In this case, he tends to analyze everything too much. In contradiction to this negative attitude, he hates losing (It may be rooted back from his childhood when his mother would scold him when he didn't win). Because of his inability to accept defeat, it became the beginning of his rivalry (and in the past, jealousy(?)) with Arata. But his genuine sensitive attitude and his easy-going nature makes up for all of that.