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This article is a list of characters in the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

Source: Wikipedia
Extended Information

Armstrong, known as Takasu in the Japanese version and simply Chief in Stardust Accelerator, is the Chief of The Facility. He is a large, overwhelming man with a cruel personality and a particularly loud, booming voice. He seems to have large, muscular arms but also a thick, fat, and slightly jutting/overhanging belly, giving him a generally bulky and stocky overall appearance. He is noticeably uncouth as well; one of his favorite interrogation techniques is to pull out his own nose hair and blow it into his victim's face (This is edited in the dub version, where he simply has foul breath, presumably due to his huge appetite). He is devoted to Goodwin, and often serves as his bodyguard when he visits the prison.Armstrong is extremely egotistical, to the point of using ore-sama to refer to himself; the rough translation in English would be "My honorable self". He is extremely cruel and sadistic towards inmates of the Facility, going out of his way to torture them simply for his own enjoyment. He arrogantly justifies this by saying that they have no purpose in the world. Like other characters seen early on in the series, he looks down on residents from Satellite, referring to them as "trash".
Due to his overweight and porky appearance, it can easily be assumed that Mr. Armstrong has a huge appetite. Aside from his large belly, he warns Yusei not to make him miss his lunch due to his blood sugar. His excessive eating habits are also probably the cause of his "anchovy" breath.