Tenshi Nanka ja Nai OVA
Year Produced: 1994
Episodes: 1
Type: Series
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Tenshi Nanka ja Nai OVA

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Alternative Title(s):
I'm Not an Angel!

Based on the manga by YAZAWA Ai (Ribon Mascot Comics, Shueisha).

Midori is a high school student of a brand new school. Elected as a member of the first student body government, Midori and the rest of the officers decide to put together a gakuen-sai--a school festival.

Midori likes Akira, who happened to help her out during the election speech (she fell on stage, with some more embarrassment). She`s excited about working for the festival, especially since she gets to work with Akira. She tries to be a match-maker for Mamiya-san (Mami-ryn) and Sudoh-kun during the process too.
[Edit]Welcome to Hijiri Academy! Completed only as of this year, freshmen are the only students who walk its halls; and now, a student body has been elected. As newly-appointed vice president, well-liked and cordial Midori Saejima knows she has her work cut out for her, in more ways than one: she’s been in love with the president, Akira Sudoh, ever since she secretly saw him care for a stray kitten one rainy night. As Midori’s feelings continue to grow, she finds herself more and more convinced that Akira has a girlfriend, much to her dismay. Will Midori come to terms with her feelings and confess, or accept that her love may be unrequited?

Akira Sudo (lead)Morikawa Toshiyuki
Aya Hisakawa
Toshihiko Seki
Kikuko Inoue
Ryoutarou Okiayu
Akiko Yajima