The Legend of Black Heaven (Library)
Alternative Names:

Black Heaven

Kacho-Ohji - HARD ROCK save the SPACE

Kachou Ouji - Hard Rock Save the Space

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1999
Air Date: Jul 8, 1999 to Oct 7, 1999
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
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The Legend of Black Heaven (Library)

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Black Heaven (課長王子, Black Heaven?) is a thirteen episode anime TV series about a short-lived heavy metal band. The series has also been referred to as The Legend of Black Heaven, or Kacho-Oji. The Japanese title of the series is a multi-layered pun. It can either be translated as "section-chief Oji", "old section-chief", or literally "Section Head Prince".

Similar to the way music was influential in Macross, alien research has shown that the music of the disbanded rock band "Black Heaven" is able to power their ultimate weapon and turn the tables on what is inferred as a losing war.

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Layla Yuki (lead)Miho Yamada
Oji Tanaka (lead)Kouji Ishii
Yoshiko Tanaka (lead)Kae Araki