The Suicide Manual - Movie
Year Produced: 2003
Episodes: 3
Type: Series
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The Suicide Manual - Movie

The Manual
Jisatsu manyuaru

After the group suicide of four people, journalists Yuu and Rie investigate the reasons behind an endless cycle of suicides, blamed on an infamous Suicide Manual, hidden in a tag-less DVD disk. Said manual is shot in an infomercial fashion, with examples of the best methods to kill yourself and demonstrations by real people. When investigating further, Yuu and Rie find out that in Buddhist beliefs, when a person kills himself, he or she is sent to a certain hell, from which they induce other people to commit suicide. But is this what is really happening?

Nozomi Andô ~as~ Miki Nagasawa
Kei Horie ~as~ Police Detective Nishiyama
Ayaka Maeda ~as~ Nanami Kumatani
Maki Meguro
Kenji Mizuhashi ~as~ Yuu Tachibana
Chisato Morishita ~as~ Rie Izumikawa
Yûko Nakamura ~as~ Rikki (as Yuuko Nakamura)
Hideo Sakaki ~as~ Keita Yashiro

Directed by: Osamu Fukutani

Writers: Osamu Fukutani, Hiroshi Kanno
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