The Tomie Collection
Year Produced: 1999
Episodes: 15
Type: Series
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The Tomie Collection

Writer & Director
Ataru Oikawa

Based on a Manga by
Junji Ito

Movie 1: Tomie (95 min)
Based on a manga by Junji Ito.
Following some trauma in her past that has since been repressed, a young woman is trying to recover her memories with the help of a psychiatrist. During her hypnosis sessions, she repeats the name "Tomie" but is unable to recall where she knows it from. Meanwhile, a police detective is investigating a string of brutal murders, where he also runs across the name "Tomie." How are two connected?

(c) 1998 Kadokawa Pictures/Artport

Movie 2: Tomie - Another Face (72 min)
Another movie about Tomie, the girl who just won't stay dead. This film is split into three separate stories in which Tomie is at different times in her life, first as a high school student, then as a young woman who falls for a photographer, and finally as a woman engaged to be married to her true love. In each story, she is murdered after her unusual secret is discovered, but she somehow manages to come back from beyond to take her revenge.

(c) 2000 Junji Ito / The Asahi Shimbun Company/ Kansai Telecasting / Kadokawa Pictures

Movie 3: Tomie - Replay (95 min)
A young girl looking through her father's notes finds something written about the last experiment he worked on before he went insane. Everything in his notebook looks ordinary until near the last page, at which point his handwriting deteriorates and the name "Tomie" is mentioned several times. From that point forward his notes are written in what looks like blood. At the same time, another young girl escapes from a hospital. Who is she, and what does she have planned?

(c) Kadokawa Pictures/Toei Video

Movie 4: Tomie - Re-birth (101 min)
An art student disappears after murdering his model, Tomie. Now his friends are being haunted by a resurrected Tomie. And every time she shows up, strange things begin to happen!

(c) Junji Ito/The Asahi Shimbun Company/Kansai Telecasting/Kadokawa Pictures/Toei Video 2000

Movie 5: Tomie - Forbidden Fruit (91 min)
In this, the fifth entry in the TOMIE series (based on the popular manga by Junji Ito), a man can not stop thinking about the lost love of his youth, Tomie, for whom he has even named his daughter. When his daughter, who is shy and unpopular, befriends another girl named Tomie, he is surprised to find that this new friend looks just like the girl he left behind 25 years ago.

(c) 2002 Kadokawa Pictures/Artport

Movie 6: Tomie - Beginning (101 min)
Within days after the mysterious new student Kawagami Tomie joins a high school classroom, all hell literally breaks loose. Simple in-fighting between boys and girls over Tomie's oppressive shadow soon gives way to mind-breaking violence culminating in a grizzly dissection which ultimately leads to suicide, insanity and even more violence.

Movie 7: Tomie - Revenge (72 min)
While driving down a mountain road at night, Kazue accidentally runs over a naked girl. The girl gets up as if nothing had happened, and runs in to the woods, leading kazue to an abandoned mansion. Inside Kazue comes across a different girl named Yukiko. Wrapped in a sleeping bag and near death. She takes her back to the clinic.
One year later, a Federal Investigator visits Kazue and inquiries about the naked girl in the woods. He explains the "Tomie Incidents" to her. He finds that there is a murder whenever Tomie appears. There are no autopsy records because her corpse doesn’t exist. Tomie's cells take over other people's cells and she inhabits their bodies to regenerate herself. After that, she starts her ritual revenge plan.
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