Tokyo Marigold - Movie
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Tokyo Marigold - Movie

Based on the original story, 'Ichinen no Nochi' by Naoki Award winning author Mariko Hayashi.

Like the ephemeral French marigold flowers in her mother's garden, Eriko lives only for herself. 'I'm not that lonely, I kind of like being by myself' she says. And like the flowers she wasn't blooming last year. But then she meets Tamura and everything changes. 'I hoped summer wouldn't come, but I love this season now'.
Rena Tanaka plays Eriko, a quiet girl living with her mother and working meaningless jobs. She meets Tamura (Yukiyoshi Ozawa) at a work party, and they start going out. She later finds out he has a girlfriend who is studying abroad. So she asks him, to be her boyfriend for just one year, until his girlfriend returns.

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Rena Tanaka - Eriko Sakai
Yukiyoshi Ozawa - Tamura
Yoichiro Saito - Miyashita
Kirin Kiki - Ritsuko Sakai
Akira Terao - Kunio

Jun Ichikawa

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