Tosho Daimos
Year Produced: 1978
Episodes: 44
Type: Series
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Tosho Daimos

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Age rating: Older Children (May contain mild bad language, bloodless violence)

Plot Summary: The survivors of Planet Baam and the Earth people want to sign a peace treaty, so General Lion and the reknowned scientist Dr. Ryuuzaki head out to have a reunion. But Lion dies in odd circumstances, his vengeful son Richter kills Dr. Ryuzaki - and war starts. Dr. Ryuzaki's son, young martial artist Kazuya, decides to defend Earth with Dr. Izumi's powerful robot: Tosho Daimos...

All the videos on here are English Dubbed
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Admiral Richter (lead)Osamu Ichikawa
Erika (lead)Miyuki Ueda
General Leiza (lead)Kazuko Yanaga
Kazuya Ryuzaki (lead)Akira Kamiya
Kyoshiro Yuzuki (lead)Kazuyuki Sogabe
Nana Ryuzaki (lead)