Trinity Blood (Library)
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2005
Air Date: Apr 28, 2005 to Oct 6, 2005
Episodes: 24
Type: Series
Page Views: 50635
Fans: 535
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Trinity Blood (Library)

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In the far future, after civilization has been ruined by Armageddon, the human race is embroiled in war against the vampires. An international organization, the Chancery (Vatican) in Rome, dispatches expeditionary executors to protect people from vampires. One such executor is Abel Nightroad. Though he looks powerless, he is actually a vampire who sucks other vampires' blood. During the battle in which the existence of humans and vampires hung in the balance, Abel meets a girl named Ester. This encounter changes her fate drastically.
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Abel Nightroad (lead)Hiroki Touchi
Astharoshe Aslan (lead)Michiko Neya
Caterina Sforza (lead)Takako Honda
Esther Blanchett (lead)Mamiko Noto
Ion Fortuna (lead)Junko Minagawa
Tres Iqus (lead)Kazuya Nakai