Tsumiki Miniwa
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Tsumiki Miniwa

Tsumiki Miniwa is the main female protagonist. She has a tsundere attitude, and has a crush on Io. Around Io she grows cat ears or when she really likes something, such as the taste of chocolate banana crêpe, the plush rabbit from the crane game, or the smell of Io's pillow. She also grows cat ears whenever Io says or does something cute like when he pats her head. Tsumiki has shown an unusual level of strength for her size, often demonstrating it at Mayoi's expense. She is skilled at arcade games, cooking and academics.
Tsumiki has purplish-blue hair, with a long curly strand sticking out, that almost reaches her feet and dark purple eyes. She has a fair complexion and is petite and dainty in stature. Her hair sometimes takes the form of cat ears when she sees something she likes. Tsumiki ties her hair up with a white band sometimes. Her appearance and figure bears some resemblance to Konata Izumi of the manga series, Lucky Star.
Tsumiki has a tsundere attitude, being slightly cold to others, though she actually cares about her family members alot. She bears much similarities to a cat, as Mayoi has pointed out, and her hair takes the form of cat ears when she sees something she likes. Tsumiki has a crush on Io , though he never notices it. She is shown to be a good cook and smart student, having been first in class before. She is a short-tempered person toward Mayoi, who constanly teases the former about her feelings for Io, resulting in heavy punishments towards the latter delievered by Tsumiki herself. Tsumiki possesses great strength despite her small figure, which is often shown at Mayoi's expense.
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