Ureshiko Asaba
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Ureshiko Asaba

Oku-sama wa Mahō Shōjo: Bewitched Agnes (奥様は魔法少女 Bewitched Agnes, Oku-sama wa Mahō Shōjo: Bewitched Agnes? literally My Wife is a Magical Girl: Bewitched Agnes) is a magical girl anime comedy. It was produced by Media Factory, J.C. Staff, and Amber Film Works, and was broadcast on several television channels in Japan between July and September 2005. The series is about a housewife and magical girl who has been assigned a replacement and must come to terms with growing up.

The title of the series pays homage to the popular 1960s sitcom Bewitched, known in Japan as Oku-sama wa Majo ("My Wife is a Witch"), which heavily influenced the first magical girl anime, Sally the Witch.

Source: Wikipedia
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