Usagi Tsukino
Sailor Moon
Dumpling Head
月野 うさぎ
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Usagi Tsukino


Sailor Moon, Serena, Usagi-chan

She will always be my favorite anime character of all time! Sailor Moon was the first anime I ever watched. When I was little I watched Sailor Moon movies and on tv here and there. But when I was older I totally forgot about it! Then one day i remembered a scene from the movie so i got curious... I looked up the anime themes and up popped SAILOR MOON! So to this day I am a huge fan who obessed over the anime and the character Sailor Moon or Serena or Usagi (whatever u call her lol)
She is my idol and I look up to her! I feel like I'm also alot like her in many ways :)
And this year (hopefully) a new Sailor Moon anime will be coming out (2013!).
I am expecting alot but whatever happens I will always be a DIE HARD MOONIE! XD


Tsukino Usagi-Pretty sailor soldier-princess Serenity and Sailor Moon!!!!

I love Sailor Moon so much!! She's pretty, not much, clever, a bit clumsy, she has a golden heart and evrybody like her! She's my IDOL. Besides she has Mamoru-san who loves her more than anything and anyone. I'd like to live in Crystal Tokio, be queen,have my king and have a little,cute daughter,too!!! But I can just dream about that!!! xD