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Vanna (pronounced in Italian vän'-na and in English väh'na) is a female first name that first appeared in recorded history circa 1294. The Italian medieval name originated in Tuscany, and is particular to Florence, Italy. Though similar in pronunciation to the name Giovanna, and conjectured to be derived from it, Vanna is neither a nickname nor a derivation. It is similar to the first name Ivanna.

The name Vanna first appeared in recorded history in La Vita Nuova, a thirteenth century book of verse written by Dante Alighieri, an Italian Florentine poet. In one verse, Dante writes that personified Love proclaims Vanna is 'Primavera' (Springtime), and declares that Beatrice's name is Love itself.

The Italian origin of the name is thought to be derived from the Latin vanno (vaglia), meaning "she who sifts" (or assesses). It is also considered a feminine form of the name Van, short for Evan, meaning Youth.

The Italian Name day is July 23, in memory of the Blessed Vanna of Orvieto, who died in 1306.

Source: Wikipedia
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