Vera (Heroman)
By Naomi Shindoh
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Vera (Heroman)

Heroman (ヒーローマン, Hīrōman?, stylized as HEROMAN) is a manga and anime produced by Bones and created by Marvel Comics' Stan Lee. The manga is published in Monthly Shōnen Gangan and began serialization in September 2009, whilst the anime series premiered on April 1, 2010, on TV Tokyo and related stations. Stan Lee came up with the series' basic plot, referring to the series and character as "a new hero for the 21st century".

Broadcast of Heroman in the United States is currently being planned by Lee and producer Masahiko Minami.

Orphaned American boy Joey lives with his grandmother, working at a restaurant in the West Coast city of Center City (センターシティ, Sentā Shiti?, based on Los Angeles), while going to school. Upon hearing of a new toy robot called the Heybo, Joey believes that getting one will make his life better, turning him into a hero to protect his friends and family. However, he cannot afford to buy it on his meager salary. His luck changes when he picks up a broken down Heybo abandoned by a school bully. He tries to fix it, naming it Heroman, but does not have any luck in getting it to work. However, when it gets struck by a bolt of lightning, it transforms into a giant robot, just in time to save his friend Lina from impending danger. Now, Joey and Heroman are Earth's only defense against the evil insectoid Skrugg (スクラッグ, Sukuraggu?) aliens, unknowingly summoned to Earth by Joey's science teacher.

There are some differences in story between the anime and manga series.

The Skrugg (スクラッグ, Sukuraggu?) are an evil race of cockroach aliens, led by Gogorr, who travel to Earth in order to invade it after being inadvertently contacted by Denton. They have powerful armor that can withstand the majority of Earth's weaponry. Their own arsenal includes laser pistols, as well as powerful shoulder cannons that convert air into a powerful energy blast. Besides the strength Heroman is capable of, they are also weakened by high pitched noises due to their manner of communication.

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