Vera Ronstadt
Big O
By Sayuri Yamauchi
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Vera Ronstadt

Voiced by: Sayuri Yamauchi (Japanese), Carolyn Hennesy (English) Vera Ronstadt (ヴェラ・ロンシュタット, Vera Ronshutatto), introduced in Act:20, leads the Union's sleeper agents. Vera made a deal between Alex Rosewater in which the Union would deliver the parts to construct Big Fau for Alex, but he then reneged on the deal and hunted down all of the Union members. Vera sent the three foreign megadeuses to attack Paradigm City in the season 1 finale, although Angel thought it was too soon. After Big O defeated them, Alex's men removed the parts for Big Fau hidden inside them and finished construction. However, Vera and the Union took the remaining scrap parts from the three robots and combined them to make one functional megadeus, Bonaparte. Vera sent Bonaparte on a rampage in Paradigm City in reprisal against Alex, but piloting Big Fau, Rosewater was able to defeat and completely melt Bonaparte. Towards the end of season 2 Vera claimed to be Angel's mother, although given that Angel's memories of her mother appear to have been fabricated, Vera may not have been speaking literally.

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