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The Amazoness Quartet (アマゾネス カルテット, Amazonesu Karutetto?) is a group of fictional characters from the Sailor Moon metaseries. The Quartet is introduced in the fourth major story arc of Sailor Moon, known as SuperS in the anime and Dream in the manga. It consists of CereCere, PallaPalla, JunJun, and VesVes, who work for the Dead Moon Circus. Their attacks are derived from circus skills, with each having a specific talent. In the English-dubbed anime, they are called the Amazon Quartet.

In order to remove a person's Dream Mirror, a member of the Quartet hits her Amazon Stone with a pool cue, similar to a billiard ball. The mirror is knocked out of the person the instant it makes contact with them. They also use the Amazon Stones for other attacks.

In the manga, they also created and commanded the Amazon Trio to attack the Sailor Senshi, whereas in the anime the Trio came before the Quartet and served Zirconia.

Source: Wikipedia
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