Yoichi Hiruma
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Yoichi Hiruma

He is the captain of the Deimon Devil Bats. He is feared as the devil or demon by the others, for he does not hesitate to even break the law in order to achieve his goals. For instance, through blackmailing, he successfully gathers the members for the Devil Bats, or force the school to pay to build an annex for the clubroom. He is also savvy with cyber terrorism. Despite such fearful demeanors, he deeply respects his best friends Kurita and Musashi, and vows to go to Christmas Bowl with them and the rest of the Devil Bats. The first time he encountered football was at an American military base, where he eventually mastered the strategies of the game and winning a great deal of money through betting. As a football player, not only is he a skillful player himself, but also takes a splendid command over his team. With his genius strategies, he leads his team to victory against numerous opponents. His position is quarterback, and his jersey number is 1.
Extended Information

The captain of the Deimon Devil Bats. Feared by all for his devilish and demonic tactics, he often resorts to borderline illegal activities, such as blackmail and cyber terrorism, to achieve his goals. As a football player, he possesses great skill and is also a splendid commander for the rest of the team. With his brilliant strategies, he does his best to make things happen for the Devil Bats. His position is quarterback and his jersey number is 1.