Yoon Ah Song
Last Name: Song
First Name: Yoon Ah
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Birthday: Jun 7, 1973
Type: Person
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Yoon Ah Song

Song Yoon ah (Born 7 June 1973) is a Korean model, singer and actress. She spent most of her childhood days in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do. She graduated with a Humanities Degree at the Hanyang University. Song, as an aspiring actress, made her debut in the 1995 KBS drama Age of Individuality. She later became a well-known icon by co-starring in the MBC drama Hotelier. Song is also part-time lecturer at the Korean Central Academy of Fine Arts. She is married to actor, Sol Kyung-Gu.


1995: KBS Age of individuality
1997: SBS Over the Horizon
1997: KBS Tears of the Dragon
1997: KBS Legend of my Hometown-The Nine Tail Fox
1998: MBC Advocate
1998: KBS Papercane
1998: SBS Mr. Q
1998: MBC Love
1999: MBC Go! Heaven of Ours
1999: MBC The Street King
1999: CNZTV White Christmas
2000: SBS Love Story
2000: MBC NG Friends
2001: MBC Hotelier
2001: MBC I Love Bear
2002: MBC The Present
2004: SBS Into the Storm
2005: SBS Hong Kong Express
2006: MBC Noona (Elder Sister)
2008: SBS On Air


1997: 1818
1998: Zzang
2000: A Masterpiece In My Life
2002: Jailbreakers
2004: Face
2006: Lost in Love
2006: Arang
2009: Secret (Saving my wife)
2010: Wedding Dress


2008 SBS Drama Awards - Top 10 Popularity Award
2004 SBS Drama Awards - Top 10 Popularity Award
2003 Best Supporting Actress, Jailbreakers, 40th Grand Bell Awards
2002 Best Dressed/Most Fashionable, Fashion Critics, Movie Actress Category
2002 Andrei Kim Beststar Awards, Movie Actress Category
2002 Best Supporting Actress, Jailbreakers, 23rd Blue Dragon Awards
2001 Nominee, Top Acting Award, Hotelier, MBC
2001 Best Actress, Hotelier, MBC
1998 People's Choice Award, Mr. Q, SBS
1995 Gold Award, KBS Supertalent Contest


분홍립스틱 (광복절특사 O.S.T)
그림자 (On Air O.S.T.)