Yuki Morikawa
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Yuki Morikawa

Yuki Morikawa is a pivotal main character in the story of White Album, and is also the newly debuting idol artist who sings and works alongside ]Rina Ogata and Eiji Ogata at Ogata Productions. Yuki is dating Touya Fuji an average 2nd year college student in White Album, and it is this non-professional relationship which causes her severe difficulties, because she must go out of her way not to be seen by any photographers or reporters when meeting with him. Fuji is cited in the show as being the one whom she sings directly to, and whose support she counts on the most to get through the hurdles of the idol lifestyle.

It is often hinted that Yuki is the main reason why Touya cannot have normal relationships with the women whom he runs into, and always seems to end up hurting them in some way. This foreshadowing is the main plot on which White Album is developed upon. Yuki's determination to both lead an idol lifestyle and deepen her seemingly limitless love for Touya cause her all manner of personal stresses, and even leads to her behaving in a way that she considers to be "selfish."
Extended Information

Yuki is good friends with Rina Ogata in the anime (calling her senpai and exclaiming that Rina helps her to keep everything coming together as an idol in an interview), contrasting the manga version, wherein Rina and Yuki are often portrayed as rivals.