Yurika Misumaru
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Yurika Misumaru

Yurika Misumaru (御統 ユリカ Misumaru Yurika) is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Martian Successor Nadesico.

Twenty-year old Yurika is the rather ditzy Captain of the Nadesico. Despite her awkwardness, she is actually qualified for the position (having scoring optimally on the simulators), unlike most of her contemporary figurehead captains. Her father is an admiral in the UEAF (United Earth Allied Forces). Like Akito Tenkawa, whom she adores, Yurika was born on Mars, but left around 10 years before the war begins in 2195. She has carried a flame for Akito all this time.

Yurika manifests charm in the third episode as, having changed from wearing her uniform to a kimono, she requests that the United Nations turn off the defense mechanism to permit the Nadesico to leave Earth. She asks in English, so the audience gets to hear the intonations of Kuwashima.

Aside from swooning over Akito, she does occasionally make a good move and the Nadesico benefits, but her swooning can also put the crew in jeopardy. Toward the end, she begins to become a Gekigangar 3 otaku. Because of Megumi Reinard's involvement with Akito, she and Yurika may be considered rivals. In spite of that, Yurika is a caring and compassionate captain most of the time, and treats her crew well.

Yurika and Akito finally got married after the end of the series, which begins Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness.

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