Yuui Flourite
Last Name: Flourite
First Name: Yuui
Fai. D
Gender: Male
Hometown: Valeria
Country of Origin: France
Type: Person
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Yuui Flourite

Fai D. Flourite is a character in the manga Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle by acclaimed manga artist group Clamp. The romanization of his name has also been expressed as Fai D. Fluorite, Fye D. Flowright, or any combination of the three, but in the character guide published by Clamp, the name is officially represented as FAI D. FLOURITE, although this represents an error in spelling on Clamp's part because it is stated in the manga that he is named after the stone fluorite. His name is pronounced by rhyming Fay with 'eye'. The Del Rey editions of the series began release in English before the proper romanization was published. He is one of the two original main characters in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, not having coming from any previous Clamp work, the other being Kurogane. When Mokona is not around as a translator, Fai speaks in symbols from the game Alchemy.

In the anime adaptation of the manga he is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa in Japanese and Vic Mignogna in English.

Source: Wikipedia
[Edit]Fai is a powerful magician from the country of Celes. He travels to Yuko on his own accord after sealing King Ashura of Celes and having his creation, Chii, act as a barrier to alert Fai if Ashura awakens. He wishes never to return to Celes and have the ability to run through dimensions if Ashura does awaken, so he gives up a tattoo on his back in order to have use of Mokona. Fai is a very enigmatic person. He appears to be happy-go-lucky and good-natured, and acts very carefree. He often teases Kurogane, calling him ridiculous nicknames such as "Kuro-rin", "Kuro-tan" and, in the English Version, "Kirgy". Kurogane questions this nature, sensing that it is just a false persona to hide that he is emotionally distant, and Fai usually gives very dark and enigmatic answers if asked about it. Fai doesn't bother to fight very hard for his life, and will only do so if someone he cares for is in danger, which Kurogane notes to be Syaoran and Sakura, as the group bonds.

Fai's real name is "Yūi". He was born with a twin brother, Fai, in Valeria Country. The birth of twins to the second prince of the country is a bad omen, which leads to the death of their father, the suicide of their mother, and many misfortunes upon the country. Fearing the combined power of the twins, the king imprisons them within a tower where where magic is ineffective and time does not flow. Fai is imprisoned atop the tower, and Yūi is confined at the base of the tower. Bodies eventually begin to fill the base of the tower, and Yūi attempts to climb towards his brother, though the king eventually jumps into the tower, revealing that he has killed everyone in the country, and then kills himself to remind them that they are the cause of everything.

Eventually, Fei Wang Reed appears from another world, and offers to free one of them. Fai chooses to save Yūi, resulting in Fai being thrown from the tower to his death, though Reed tampers with Yūi's memory to make him think that he chose his own life over Fai. Promising to return Fai to life, he bestows two curses upon Yūi, one of which is removed from his memory, and tells him about the journey with Sakura. He is soon found by Ashura, who takes in Yūi, having adopted the name Fai. Ashura tutors him in magic and comforts him, and Fai soon finds two of Sakura's feathers; one is used to preserve his brother's body, and the other is used to create Chii, who is based on his mother. He eventually learns that Ashura's purpose is to have him kill anyone who threatens the country, which means to kill Ashura himself, as Ashura kill people in order to make his magic stronger. Instead of fulfilling that role, he seals Ashura instead.

Fai has natural magic abilities that grow stronger every time he uses them, though he notes that they are only good for destruction. The source of Fai's magical powers is the blue color of his eyes, which also greatly increases his lifespan. His left eye increases his powers on usage while his right eye decreases his powers, as noted by Seishirou and Fuuma in Nihon. Since his powers are directly connected to his eyeballs, a loss of vision leads directly to a loss of magic, and a total loss of magic would lead to his death. One of the curses placed upon him is a one-time action that forces him to kill anyone with power greater than his own. Ashura, wishing Fai to kill him, places a tattoo on Fai's back to keep him from growing stronger than himself. Once the tattoo is given to Yuko, he refuses to use his abilities. The other curse is to seal anyone with Celes if someone other than himself kills Ashura. His powers are effectively halved when Syaoran consumes his left eye, and they continue to diminish afterward. He is forced by Kurogane to become a vampire to save his life. He gains regeneration and no longer has to rely on his magic to survive, though he has to regularly drink Kurogane's blood. He later gives up the rest of his abilities, but soon after, he is given back his lost eye and uses his magic to its full potential.