Yuuichi Nagashima
雄一 長島
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Yuuichi Nagashima

Chō (チョー, Chō?) (born as Shigeru Nagashima (長島 茂, Nagashima Shigeru?)) (December 15, 1957 - ) is a Japanese seiyū from Kōnosu, Saitama. He is a graduate of Nishogakusha University and is affiliated with the Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society.

His former stage name was Yūichi Nagashima (長島 雄一, Nagashima Yūichi?) He has become synonymous with the character Chō that he played from 1984-1991 in the NHK children's show Tanken Boku no Machi, so in August 2006 he changed his stage name to Chō. As a seiyū, he is best known for his roles in Crayon Shin-chan (as Ginnosuke Nohara), Great Teacher Onizuka (as Hiroshi Uchiyamada), Super Milk Chan (as The President of Everything), InuYasha (as Jaken), the Beast Wars series (as Tarantulas) and One Piece (as Brook)

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