Zero Kiryu
Last Name: Kiryuu
First Name: Zero
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Zero Kiryu

Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano

Yuki Cross's childhood best friend. Zero is also a Cross Academy Guardian and likewise on the disciplinary committee. Yuki has cared about him as a close friend ever since he was brought into their home (the Headmaster's). His family, one of vampire hunters, was murdered by the pureblood vampire Shizuka Hiou when he was young. He harbors a deep hatred for vampires and claims to have taken on the role of Guardian to learn how to hunt them better. In truth, Zero was bitten during the attack on his family and therefore was turned into a vampire, something that has been kept secret even from Yuki until his vampiric urges began to surface and became uncontrollable. As Zero's body rejects the blood tablets that most vampires take to control their hunger, Yuki began letting him drink her own blood, which helps his thirst for blood, but he is ultimately to become a Level E vampire. The story implies that Zero harbors romantic feelings for Yuki. In chapter 35, he discovers Yuki is a vampire, and in chapter 37 he aims his gun at her which could have been because he is angry with himself for not keeping his promise to her not to become a vampire, which leads to Yuki telling him her vampire side "ate" her other side. He "almost" kissed Yuki twice showing that he has feelings for her. He has also stated to Yuki that he would not have been able to live or cope with this if it wasn't for her.
[Edit]Extended Summary

Zero Kiryu (錐生 零)is the male protagonist of Vampire Knight. Yuki Cross's close friend and the only other Cross Academy Guardian, Zero descends from a noted family of vampire hunters and was trained to be a Vampire Hunter by Toga Yagari. Zero carries an anti-vampire gun named "Bloody Rose," given to him by Kaien Cross. His powers include accelerated healing, vampire detection, ability to withstand pureblood compulsion and most recently the ability to manipulate vines within his body that are an extension of the Bloody Rose.

Four years ago, Zero was taken in by Kaien Cross as the sole survivor of a murderous attack on his family by Shizuka Hio. Zero was bitten during the attack and spent the last four years resisting turning into a vampire - the tattooed symbol on his neck helped suppress the vampire transformation. Due to the attack, Zero developed a deep hatred and distrust of vampires. He kept his vampire secret even from Yuki until bloodlust overwhelmed him and he bit her. Filled with self-loathing, Zero attempts to run away but is stopped by Yuki, who pledges to kill Zero should he fall to level E. To further ensure Zero's vampire nature remains controlled, the headmaster provides Yuki with a bracelet that reacts with Zero's tattoo and paralyzes him.Despite these measures, Zero's body rejects the blood tablets used to sate a vampire's thirst and Yuki convinces Zero to continue drinking her blood.

While Zero harbours romantic feelings for Yuki, he supports her feelings for Kaname Kuran, in particular because Zero is gradually becoming a level E vampire. He is protective of Yuki, preventing her from trading her humanity to Shizuka Hio in exchange for curing his vampirism and swearing never to allow Yuki to become a vampire; knowing this, Kaname Kuran allows Zero to live because Zero would do anything to protect Yuki. However, with Shizuka's death, Zero is forced to drink the blood of a pureblood, Kaname, to delay becoming a level E vampire. Following Zero's discovery that Yuki is actually a pureblood vampire, Zero and Yuki severs their friendship, with Yuki revealing that her vampire side "ate" her other side.

Though Zero is able to maintain his sanity after drinking Kaname's blood, the Hunters Association arrange his arrest and lock him up. During this time, Kaname reveals that his purpose in strengthening Zero is in order for him to protect Yuki and defeat Rido Kuran. Soon afterward, Zero is shot by his twin brother and finally completes the Twin Hunter fragment after he is convinced to "eat" the dying Ichiru. With this act, as a twin vampire hunter of an excellent lineage who has become a vampire and carrying the blood of three purebloods (Yuki, Kaname and by proxy Shizuka, Zero becomes one of the most powerful characters appearing in the series.

Interrupting the battle between Yuki and Rido, Zero declares his former friend his enemy, though they are able to work together and defeat Rido. Zero reveals his intention to kill all pureblood vampires including Yuki, but finds that he cannot bring himself to kill her. Because of his own lingering attachment to her and as someone who made him feel safe, he finds such an act cruel and reveals that he would not mind if Yuki killed him at that moment.

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