Zetman Dark Hero
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Zetman Dark Hero

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I know they don't have it on Crunchyroll but here it goes-

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Man I freaking LOVED this anime! Idk why, but I watched up to episode 7 then read the whole manga as the episodes came out. Some people are mad cause things didn't go down like they did in the manga but I didn't care, it was a summed down version and it left out things but I loved it. Sure it skipped some of Kouga's little test but that was ok because I didn't really like the fact that his girlfriend prostituted herself or got raped, well I didn't like Kouga at all really in the manga or anime. But Jin has got to be one of my favorite characters ever. It sucks his girl died the manga is at ch.180 so I don't know if that happens there or not but I gotta say I love this anime! BTW stuff happened very closely to the manga so it was almost the same given the the deeper character stories in the manga like the bug boy, the two agents, or that scientist who died and his fiancee, and the scene where Jin and Kouga go on a double date (Wish that woulda been put in there.). It didn't go into detail but it was good, and the opening was like one of my favorite anime openings. All in all I loved it and I'll probably re-watch it.
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