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LiSA was born on June 24th in Seki, Gifu. Her music career began in high school when she and three friends formed the pop punk band CHUCKY. The band took the local music scene by storm, quickly gaining popularity with their rocking music and LiSA’s sweet, fierce vocals. The band went their separate ways in 2008, and LiSA moved to Tokyo to focus on her career as a solo artist.

In 2010, she grabbed a role on the hit anime Angel Beats! as the singing voice for Yui, one of the vocalists in the in-show band Girls Dead Monster. She went on to release several top charting singles and albums with Girls Dead Monster.

LiSA’s earnest personality and emotional live performances caught the public’s attention, and it was clear that her star would only continue to rise. In December of 2010, she ‘graduated’ from the band following a final concert at Tokyo Kokusai Forum.

In 2011 she debuted under her own name with the mini-album Letters to U, written by some of the top names in the dojin music scene. LiSA herself penned the lyrics for all the songs on the album, which she described as a love letter to her listeners.

After the mini-album’s release, LiSA embarked on a successful tour of venues around the country. LiSA’s energetic live shows won fans in every town she played, proving that it as impossible to see her in concert and not go home a fan.

Her first single, oath sign was released on November 23rd. The title track is the theme song to the wildly popular anime Fate/Zero, which is broadcast around the world, with subtitles in eight different languages. The song, written by renowned composer and lyricist Shou Watanabe, packs an emotional punch as the perfect vehicle to showcase LiSA’s powerful and bittersweet vocals. Two of the remaining three tracks on the single feature lyrics written by LiSA. The single entered the Oricon weekly charts at #5, and went on to capture the #2 spot on the daily charts. On the Rekochoku, one of Japan’s largest mobile music downloading sites, the single entered the general daily charts at #4, and charted #10 on the weekly charts.

LiSA performed her second concert abroad at Anime Festival Asia 2011(AFA11), which was held in Singapore on November 12th, 2011, and was surprised and delighted when the fans joined in, singing her songs in Japanese.

On December 4th, 2011, LiSA made her first appearance at the famous Nihon Budokan, where she headlined the Lisani! Live 2011.

In LiSA, anime has given birth to one of the most anticipated new artists, and oath sign is set to bring her onto the world’s stage.