March comes in like a lion

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  • great story, Art work isn't detailed, but it makes the story better
    So, some people might be upset that the art is like water paint. but with the flow of emotions and the depth of what the Characters are going through. it makes the Anime just that much more powerful. I like how it portrays the faint differences in the lines of the mouth to show just how minor change in mood is shown. the story line is well done too in showing the difficulties of life, for all ...
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  • Took me a long time to start.
    It took me a long time to start watching this anime. I do and don't regret it! Mainly I don't regret it because I don't think that I could have gone week to week with how this show made my heart feel! Binging it was amazing, and I'm just sad it's over now. I hope that we will see a third season, there are so many characters I'd love to see and learn more about!

    The reason it took me to watch ...
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  • Continuous character development, beautiful illustrations, and thoughtful dialogue
    This is the only review I've written in the 6+ years I've had my crunchyroll subscription. I highly encourage anyone considering watching the show to do. March Comes in Like a Lion is one of the most beautiful shows I've seen in a long time with the most relatable character development. Although the show follows a high school student working his way through the professional shogi world, the show ...
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  • A beautiful, touching, and heartwarming story of healing
    This has quickly shot up to the top of my all-time favorite animes. Profound and poetic, you will laugh, you will cry, frequently in the same episode. The animation is beautiful, the characters and unique and interesting, and watching Rei open up and grow is incredible. Also, it contains a first class depiction of what depression is really like in the first few episodes. Plus, you don't need to ...
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    so boring, i wish i could have gotten farther
    We gave it 3 episodes, didn't connect with the characters much. Seemed like a tragedy for tragedy's sake.

    Maybe someday we'll give it a second chance but it just felt tedious and I really didn't feel bad for the main character who it seems like we're supposed to feel sorry for.
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  • One of the most beautiful shows
    I started watching and couldn't stop. From the art to the music to the character development, it was 10/10. I can't think of a character from the show that I didn't like or understand there meaning in the show. The music fits perfectly with the show and now I listen to the soundtrack. I love the art and colors. The only thing missing is there is not more of it, I would like more, please.
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  • I have never felt so many emotions from an anime before . . .
    It was artistically pleasing; the story line was amazing, i felt like i knew the characters so well and wanted to cheer them up as they grew from all their struggles and successes. I have never seen an anime that touched so many points in our daily lives as this did. A true masterpiece; I learnt so much from it and hope that whoever comes across it would give it a chance to watch it. It was simply ...
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  • Best Slice of Life Ever
    For real-world, no-magic-or-robots fiction, this is the best work I have ever had the pleasure to consume. It is moving, thought-provoking, intelligent, wise, funny, uplifting, and just generally perfect. I cannot possibly praise it highly enough. Watch it. Incidentally, it will also make you want to play shogi.
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  • Awesome SHOGI CATS 2
    Emotional and slice of life. Not about romance, not about shogi, not about one thing, a true slice of life about life. A boys life and the lives of those around him filled with struggles of being young and being successful with little to no world experience. To give ratings
    The Art is a 10/10:
    The opening scene of the series starts out with a vast array of movements and gives off such a dark ...
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