Monster Strike

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[Episode 0] ``Monster Strike`` Crisis
Oragon lives a lonely life all by himself, enjoying Monster Strike?with no friends to share the joy.
The monotony of Oragon's life ends when one day he is pulled into a mysterious new dimension. There, he is delivered the bad news.
He learns that an incredibly powerful enemy will attack in six months, destroying his beloved Monster Strike forever!
Now Oragon must gather allies in the Strike World to save Monster Strike!
Will he make it in time to save the Strike World from destruction? A new adventure starts!

[Episode 1-8,10-12,18-24] Lucifer -The Underworld Rebel-
The Angelic Guard, who call the heavens their home, have been tasked with
collecting the orbs scattered across the world.
Lucifer—a leader of the Angelic Guard with a rebellious streak,
said to wield power rivaling the Almighty—carries out her duty along with Uriel,
also a leader of the guard.
Together, they go about executing their mission, until...

[Episode 9] Pandora -The Girl of Hope-
After breaking the seal on a forbidden chest housing a thousand calamities,
Pandora struggles to gather the escaped disasters for the sake of the last Despair Imp left in the chest...

[Episode 13-17] Arthr -The Knight of Knights-
At long last, Arthur returns to her home kingdom of Britannia.
But when she steps foot into her beloved Camelot, she finds calamity has befallen her people...

[Episode 25-37] Solomon -Wisdom of the Mystic Monarch-
In the land of Lecillia, two young women compete for their country's throne.
Solomon,descendant of Lecillia's first king, and Levy,daughter to the second king.
Longing to preserve peace and joy among her people,
Solomon commits to her studies day after day, yet her efforts always seem in vain.
One night, however, she has a mysterious dream...

[Episode 38-44] Arthr -The Knight of Knights Awakens-
Arthur's nation of Britannia holds a festival to honor her sacred sword Excalibur,
but the festivities are interrupted suddenly by strange music coming from the

[Episode 45-50] Noah -Keeper of the Ark-
On a world where nearly all life has been wiped out, a young man named Noah
gathers Orb Fragments to power his ark, dreaming of one day escaping the planet
with its surviving animals. One day, some strange life forms fall from the sky!
Who—or what—could they be...?!

[Episode 51-57] Lucifer -Wedding Game-
His pure hatred for Lucifer is enough to bring the wicked Decimvir Keter back into this world.
However, his scorn changes to twisted feelings of love!
In a recovering Heaven, Keter forces Uriel and the other Archangels into a diabolical game...!

[Episode 58-] Apocalypse
Lucifer, Arthur, Solomon, Noah, and Pandora meet in the Heavens to save Strike World! But Lucifer refuses to join them. But as the battle against the evil Decemviri unfolds, will the divided heroes stand a chance... ?