Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

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  • Guaranteed to Make You Smile and Laugh
    Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun's constant parodying of anime tropes never fails to make me laugh. It's charming, quick to the punchline, and Nozaki, despite being an unemotional character, will always be remembered for his cool silence. In fact, each character has a very distinct, one-dimensional personality that makes you easily anticipate what will happen next. That's not to say that their ...
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  • A casual viewing that everyone should experience
    One of the reasons I got into anime in the first place was to be able to just put the world away for twenty or so minutes. Sometimes I wanted to distract myself with intense, plot heavy shows that challenge observational skills into trying to predict the plot twist. Other times, we want a show where we can just watch it casually. This show is one of the best casual viewings I have ever watched. ...
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  • Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
    Was a very fun take on school life as a manga artist. But also the secret life behind everyone at school as we follow the main characters along their journey of love but not love. There was a wonderful mix of characters who were all so different but somehow managed to fit together in this crazy school and manga life.
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  • Hilarious And An Excellent Subversion of Shoujo Tropes
    This show honestly had me almost rolling on the floor and unable to breathe from laughter. Although if you're looking a straight-up, cut and dry shoujo romance. You're looking in the wrong place. This show is about three things : making you laugh, subverting shoujo tropes, and making a meta commentary on said tropes. Also a delightful cast of characters and a banger of an OP makes this an absolute ...
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  • Not your average comedy
    Super funny comedy with hints of playful romance and lots of things that make you want to watch more and more.

    I'm glad that I found it by accident since I hadn't heard of it before because it took only one scene to get me hooked lol. Wish it would be longer and had more seasons.
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  • Full of love, laughs, and life.
    Up until this show, I had never really watched a romance anime that had this overabundance of energy and comedic flare. It kind of caught me off guard with how hilarious it can really be. Lot's of fun, and had me wanting to see how it ended, even if the ending left me unsatisfied, albeit chuckling. Super enjoyable and just a lighthearted experience that you don't have to like romance to enjoy.
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  • Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun
    I want more of these. Really loved it. Though I feel they should label this as slice-of-life too. Each character is weird, idiotic, funny and a teenager!! I am hoping they make a season 2 or more.
    I just wonder when do they even study with how much they are involved in writing or drawing the manga or getting involved in various shenanigans with each other!!
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  • Rom Com Shojou! LMAO
    I really loved this anime, I never laughed so much. The excitement on waiting for them to get together but the other one is too weird, and he is an author and artist ina shojou manga. The straight guys in here is too eccentric which add more to the fun. I love this anime and you definitely need to watch this
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  • Mikorin is Best Girl
    The basic premise of Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun is everyone's super oblivious to everything - and for a series that focuses on a guy writing a shojo manga - it's perfect. It never tries to take itself too seriously, and because of that it's one of my absolute favourite comedies.

    I just wish there was a second season, but until then, it looks like I'll just have to keep re-watching!
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    I believe this is my frist review on this site and I'm glad it's for this anime.
    This anime is GOLD.

    When I watched this anime I didn't know what to expect, I thought it'd just be your stereo-typical Shoujo anime and oh, I was absolutely wrong.

    From scenes that are normally predictable being unpredictable, from moments that truly show the bonds and uniqueness of the characters, to the over all hilariousness.

    If you're ever feeling depressed and need something to ...
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