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Singapore – the booming economic center of Asia, a kaleidoscope of cultures, and blessed with natural greenery, it is said to be the most beautiful country under the sun. Singapore’s exotic allure as the crossroads of the unique Asian culture of the East with that of the West provides the perfect backdrop for a dramatic love-story between a Japanese woman from Tohoku and a Singaporean man. The man, a former elite banker, has lost his family to the Great Sumatran earthquake and tsunami, has chosen to re-start his life as a rescue and search professional. The woman is looking for a new life as well. The two meet under the radiant Singapore sun, and are magnetically attracted to each other.

But a tearful parting awaits them…The man wants to focus on his new goal in life , and the distance between the couple grows. Misunderstandings take place, and amidst confused feelings, the March 11 earthquake and tsunami strike Japan. The man rises to the occasion and heads to Japan as a member of DART, the elite, urban rescue unit of the SCDF. In this drama, we hope to portray how a woman, through her relationship with a Singaporean man, matures in the face of a tragedy that brutally takes away precious lives and communities developed over time and history.

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