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  • Such an Amazing Ride. Too bad it had to end.
    I loved this Anime. It continued the story of Naruto beautifully and gave it more depth than it had initially. I have to issues with it, however. Firstly, the filler episodes. I know everyone complains about them, but who in their right mind wouldn't. They always took you away from the meat of the show and always at the most intense parts. Sure, some of the fillers gave exposition to some ...
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  • At first it was good, until fillers took over
    At first Naruto was good but then fillers took over and my god did they fill episodes. Over 100 episodes to be exact. I stopped watching for over 3 years because nothing was happening. It's like they reminisce about things while fighting or they'll reminisce about that time they were reminiscing. it's pretty much over 100 episodes of reminiscing. For that reason I'm giving it a 3/5. Definitely ...
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  • the first show was better
    Naruto is a good show but the start of Shippuden was not as good as the first shows canon ending, but I will say the strength of this show is it's amazing side cast and its amazing kakashi, the show has a good side for emotional fights though the build up for these fights are too long. The biggest narrative downside to the show is how bad Sasuke's character arc is, it makes no sense and he is so ...
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  • Once you get past filler, it's absolutely INCREDIBLE
    While yes, a solid 40% or more of the episodes are irrelevant filler, once you get to the real deal you just can't stop. This anime is legendary for a reason folks. I find myself going back to this anime so often, even if it's just to watch the final battle for the 20th time. And while its successor is pretty lame, the real deal will always be in my heart.
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  • Long Lasting Anime With Long Lasting Legacy
    I'd be surprised if anybody bothers to read reviews for a show like Naruto. Basically, between this series and the last, their is just so much to see, it is impossible to have watched the whole show and not be left with enjoyment and boredom. The fillers suck, but whatever, skip it. The show has some fights that will live in pop culture forever. With the number of characters in the show, there is ...
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  • I LOVE NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!
    its my child hood how could i not love it.I grew up watching this show and its something i will never forget or never hate thank you for this greatness.Naruto is what really got me back into anime.At first when i was really young i would see my brother watch naruto and dbz and i would be like wtf is this.a few years later i watched this and its been my favorite anime ever sense
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  • I loved watching this show and was sad to see it end
    I loved this show. Once I finished Naruto at some point and was finally able to watch Naruto Shippuden I couldn't stop. You just can't help but to get wrapped into the characters lives. It would be pretty sad when something bad would happen. Especially watching it in Japanese, you can feel the emotion more in the characters for some reason. At least for me it felt that way.
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  • Watch it, not for the hype, but for the fun!
    Quick Summary: Watch this show. It's fun, it's got great elements of development, characters and environment, the animation is good and can really draw you in, the stories can always bring you something new, even if it's filler material. Overall, if you want something to be enthused with, watch this show!

    I remember first watching the original dubbed Naruto on toonami years ago. I never thought ...
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  • Best Anime Ever. Period.
    Naruto/Naruto Shippuden is by far my favorite anime series ever. Luckily I got into this series a year ago where I could skip the fillers lol. However, I just love everything about these series from the characters, story, plot twists, animation, etc. I was hooked from the beginning, and still get to satisfy my craving with the Next generation series. This will forever be my number one, so nothing ...
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    Always a place in my heart
    Grew up blindly in-taking the show from CN. Didn't watch it for years. Then anime started getting easy to watch online, checked it out again. This show has a lot to wade through, and a slow build. Wouldn't recommend unless you're determined. I don't even know how I made it through the show.

    That being said, it saved me from a lot of emotional distress, I withdrew into this show during a really ...
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