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    Wednesday February 19, 2020
  • The Japanese Anime Industry Reacts To Anime Awards Wins

    Creators of Mob Psycho, Vinland Saga, Dr. Stone and more react to the big wins!

    This past weekend’s Anime Awards were a celebration of the best in anime in 2019 and the Japanese industry weighed in with their reaction to being recognized for their hard work and effort.  Read on for the reactions.

  • How Watch Parties Around the World Celebrated The Anime Awards

    New York, Texas, Australia, Brazil, and Canada got in on the fun as it happened

    No matter where you were, there was a way to watch this past weekend's Anime Awards, and some lucky fans around the world even got to experience it together thanks to some amazing live watch party events. Read on for a look back at some of the parties around the world! 

  • Saturday February 15, 2020
  • KONOSUBA Season 2 Dub Comes to Crunchyroll on February 25

    Get ready for the continuing adventures in English!

    As revealed during the Anime Awards, KONOSUBA fans can soon look forward to more English-dubbed episodes. The dub of season 2 is coming to Crunchyroll on February 25, so get ready for more of the ridiculous fantasy adventure in English very soon. Read on for more.