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    Tuesday April 11, 2023
  • FEATURE: Strutting the 2023 Anime Awards Orange Carpet with Finn Wolfhard, Valkyrae and More

    We got the chance to speak to some of the biggest celebrity anime fans!

    For the first time, the Crunchyroll Anime Awards was hosted in the heart of anime – Tokyo, Japan. With industry both in Japan and abroad in attendance, the show was the biggest event on the anime industry calender that bridged the gap between Western and Japanese anime lovers. We got talking to some of those anime lovers on the Orange Carpet!

  • Friday March 3, 2023
  • Anime Awards 2023 Winners: Anime of the Year and Full List

    The 2023 Anime Awards winners are being revealed!

    The votes have been counted, the judges have been heard and the orange carpet has been rolled out. At an incredible event hosted by Sally Amaki and Jon Kabira in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, the winners of the 2023 Anime Awards have officially been revealed!

  • Wednesday March 1, 2023
  • INTERVIEW: Meet Anime Awards Judge Alejo N. Correa

    Ramen Para Dos' Alejo N. Correa joins us for a new judge interview!

    The Anime Awards are quickly approaching, and we are excited to be publishing the next in our series of interviews with some of the event's judges! Today, we'll be talking to Alejo N. Correa, the editor and audiovisual manager of Ramen Para Dos (Ramen for Two) about his love of anime, what it was like to be a judge, and what he looked for when selecting nominees for the Anime Awards.