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    Monday June 22, 2020
  • Min Min from ARMS is the Latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Addition

    Director Masahiro Sakurai spent this morning detailing the new contender

    Nintendo previously teased an addition from the ARMS fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and now we know who it is. The latest character to join the stacked roster is Min Min, so read on for the first footage.

  • Friday June 19, 2020
  • Find Out Which ARMS Character Will Be Joining Smash Bros. on June 22

    Director Masahiro Sakurai returns for a 35-minute live stream video

    Back in March, Nintendo announced plans to add a character from ARMS to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Now we're about to find out which one it is in a live stream on June 22 at 7:00am PT. Read on for more.

  • Wednesday July 11, 2018
  • Courtroom Drama and Magical Mayhem Explode in Wizard Barristers

    Check out the 2014 original TV anime where sorcerous crimes call for an equally enchanting legal defense

    Don't do the magic crime if you can't do the magic time! This week on "Cruising the Crunchy-Catalog," we look at Wizard Barristers, a 2014 original TV anime directed by Yasuomi Umetsu (Kite, Mezzo Forte) and animated by Arms (Maoyu) about a world where wizards require special legal council when wielding magic lands them on the wrong side of the law. Hit the jump to learn more!

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