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    Thursday October 8, 2020
  • Humanity Slips Away in BEM ~BECOME HUMAN~ Climax PV

    Continuation of 2018 TV anime reboot is currently playing in Japanese movie theaters

    BEM ~BECOME HUMAN~, a 2020 theatrical anime film which continues to the story of the 2019 BEM TV anime (which is itself a reboot of the Yokai Ningen Bem TV series from the 1960's), is currently playing in theaters in Japan, and to drum up additional interest for the film, the official Youtube channel for the series has published a "climax PV" featuring some of the most action-packed scenes and dramatic developments from the film. Hit the jump to check it out.

  • Tuesday September 15, 2020
  • Family Life is Illusory in BEM ~BECOME HUMAN~ Anime Film Clip

    Continuation of 2019 TV anime about humanoid monsters hits Japanese theaters on October 02, 2020

    Even humanoid monsters want a happy family life complete with a house with a white picket fence in the suburbs, or at least that's the set-up for a special promotional clip from the upcoming BEM ~BECOME HUMAN~ theatrical anime film, a movie which continues the story of the 2019 BEM TV anime, which itself was a reboot of the 1968-1969 Yokai Ningen BEM ("Humanoid Monster BEM") TV anime. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Thursday August 20, 2020
  • Humanoid Monsters Rampage in BEM ~BECOME HUMAN~ Anime Film Trailer

    New key visual released for upcoming movie continuation of the 2018 BEM TV anime

    A dark new trailer and a new key visual have been published for BEM ~BECOME HUMAN~, an upcoming theatrical anime film that continues the story of the 2019 BEM TV anime. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Monday June 29, 2020
  • Boy Idol Group Kis-My-Ft2 Member Toshiya Miyata Makes Guest Voice Appearance in BEM Feature Film

    "I've always loved anime and wanted to give it a try, so I was very happy to receive the offer."

    31-year-old Toshiya Miyata, a member of Johnny & Associates' boy idol group Kis-My-Ft2, makes a guest voice appearance in BEM ~BECOME HUMAN~, the forthcoming feature film based on the 2019 TV anime series BEM. He is cast as the main character Bem's best friend Burgess, and this is his first anime voice acting role. Check out his message of excitement after the jump!

  • Tuesday June 2, 2020
  • Production I.G Works on BEM ~BECOME HUMAN~ Anime Feature Film for Fall 2020 Release

    TV anime's three main voice cast members are confirmed to reprise their roles

    BEM ~BECOME HUMAN~, a feature film based on the 2019 TV anime series BEM, is now in the works for a release in the fall of 2020 in Japan. Instead of the TV series' LandQ Studios, Production I.G (Ghost in The Shell, PSYCHO-PASS) newly works on anime production. Hit the jump for more information including a teaser trailer.