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    Saturday October 31, 2020
  • ESSAY: Stranger in a Stranger Land — How Chiaki J. Konaka Made Aughties Anime Terrifying

    Fear is the mind killer

    A complex writer famous for his eccentricities, Chiaki J. Konaka is a household name among those who deeply love the bizarre. But how do his most influential works of the early 2000's fare today — and do they still have anything groundbreaking to say about contemporary horror? Hit the jump to go down the rabbit hole.

  • Thursday February 20, 2020
  • How Isekai Took Cyberpunk’s Role in Anime

    Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love another world

    How far has cyberpunk anime come in recent years, and where does it go from here? The next generation of cyberpunk anime is already here and we might not even know it! 

  • Monday December 2, 2019
  • Smoke and Mirrorshades: Cyberpunk Aesthetics in Anime

    Celebrate Cyber Monday with a journey through the high tech, low life history of a contested sub-genre

    Cyber-limbs malfunctioning? Black ice got you down? Take a break from shopping for digital deals on Cyber Monday with a look at cyberpunk aesthetics in anime, a celebration of the "high tech, low life" elements that make these works of science fiction so spicy and unique. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Sunday January 29, 2012
  • LIST: Top 5 Japanese Cyberpunk Anime, Manga, & Movies

    Selected by j-techno group VALKILLY

    A prediction from the year 198X: our future will be ultra-dark. Technology will be scary. Such was the dangerous vision of the science fiction movement known as Cyberpunk. Back in the day, Japan embraced cyberpunk and put its own unique spin on the genre. And now, a techno group called VALKILLY has selected their top five Japanese cyberpunk titles for you to discover. Jack into the mainframe and read on after the jump!

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