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    Tuesday January 19, 2021
  • Atelier Ryza Returns to the Beach in Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation Event

    Players can grab Reisalin Stout's everyday gear for a limited time

    For a limited time, players of Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation can once again soak in the sun dressed as a character from the Atelier series. Read on for the latest.

  • Wednesday January 6, 2021
  • Koei Tecmo Files Charges Against Creator and Seller of Bootleg Dead or Alive DVD

    Suspect allegedly modified footage of games and compiled them onto discs

    According to an official statement, DoA series publisher Koei Tecmo has filed charges against an unnamed suspect, who allegedly recorded and modified footage from multiple Dead or Alive games and sold the compilation DVD via auction. Read on for more.

  • Thursday November 19, 2020
  • Madhouse Animates Fun in the Sun for Azur Lane x Dead or Alive Crossover

    Collab will offer new ship girls and decorations themed to the volleyball adventure

    Azur Lane and DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation are crossing over to make all your beach-themed dreams come true. To celebrate, Madhouse has animated a gorgeous trailer, showing boat girls and fighting girls squaring off across the volleyball net. Watch it after the jump!

  • Sunday March 8, 2020
  • Dead or Alive 6 Adds Tamaki to the Lineup on March 10

    See the character in action in a new Famitsu gameplay video

    Another challenger is coming to Dead or Alive 6, which first launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC over a year ago. Tamaki is on the way as DLC on March 10, and you can see how she plays in a recent gameplay video from Famitsu magazine. Read on for more.

  • Friday March 29, 2019
  • It's a Nice Day for a Dead or Alive 6 Happy Wedding DLC Promo

    13 wedding-themed costumes arrives as Season Pass 1 content

    One of the pieces of content for Dead or Alive 6's Season Pass 1 is Happy Wedding Vol. 2, which introduces 13 wedding-themed costumes. The DLC is officially available, and you can see how the fancy nuptial outfits look in action after the jump.

  • Saturday March 16, 2019
  • Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters Offers Free-to-Play Alternative

    Play the latest entry with a smaller selection of fighters

    If you've been wanting to check out Dead or Alive 6 without committing to the full package, Koei Tecmo recently released an alternative. Read on for more about Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters.

  • Thursday March 14, 2019
  • Second Full Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet Trailer Hits the Beach

    Laid back beach games come to PS4 and Switch in Japan on March 20

    Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet's Japanese release is right around the corner, so Koei Tecmo shared the second full trailer this week. Check it out after the jump.

  • Wednesday March 6, 2019
  • Momiji and Nyotengu Star in New Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet Promo

    See two more playable characters from the upcoming beach vacation

    I don't know about your location, but it's kind of cold where I am today, so I found the latest trailer for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet to be particularly refreshing. Hit the jump to see the spotlight on Momiji and Nyotengu.

  • Friday March 1, 2019
  • Dead or Alive 6 Delivers on All Fronts... Except One

    New characters, new mechanics, but the same heart

    Can you believe it's been seven years since the last main-series Dead or Alive game? DoA's grown up a little since then, with new characters and fresh new combat mechanics to spice things up--hit the jump to read our full review of Dead or Alive 6!

  • Sunday February 24, 2019
  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet Trailer Highlights Helena and Kokoro

    PS4 and Switch game debuts in Japan on March 20

    The women of the Dead or Alive franchise are hitting the beach once more in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet, which is coming to PS4 and Switch in Japan on March 20. Check out the latest preview after the jump.

  • Tuesday January 8, 2019
  • Dead or Alive 6 Delay Pushes Release to March 1

    Fighter was originally scheduled to launch on February 15

    While it's not a huge one, Koei Tecmo announced a delay for Dead or Alive 6, which was originally set to launch on February 15. The latest entry in the series of fighters will now make its worldwide debut on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 1. Read on for more.