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    Sunday December 22, 2019
  • Final Fantasy XV's Ardyn Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy Roster

    Another playable character revealed for the three-on-three fighter

    Dissidia Final Fantasy had its 4th anniversary livestream in Japan this weekend, so of course there's a new character announcement to go along with it. The next playable addition introduces Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV into the three-on-three brawler. Read on for more.

  • Wednesday October 23, 2019
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy's Noctis and Shantotto Show Off New Weapon Forms

    See the 3rd and 5th form weapons for both characters

    New gear is on the way to a couple of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's characters, and Square Enix is here with an early peek. The latest trailers focus on Noctis and Shantotto's 3rd and 5th form weapons, so see what they'll be working with when the November 7 update arrives below. 

  • Tuesday September 24, 2019
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy Introduces Final Fantasy XII Villain Gabranth

    Next DLC hits arcades on September 26, consoles on October 10

    Square Enix announced plans to reveal a new playable character for Dissidia Final Fantasy on September 24, and here we are! The latest throws another villain into the mix with the addition of Final Fantasy XII's Gabranth, so read on for more.

  • Wednesday August 28, 2019
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy Shows Off New Yuna and Lightning Outfits

    Classic styles come into play on September 12

    Some more outfits are on the way to Dissidia Final Fantasy, including some timeless looks for Yuna and Lightning. Yuna is getting the Arc Arcana weapon and the Songstress Garb costume, while Lightning is getting the Excalibur weapon and the Midnight Mauve costume. Read on for more.

  • Tuesday June 25, 2019
  • Final Fantasy VII's Tifa Lockheart Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy Roster

    DLC character will arrive on July 3

    It's been a good month for Tifa Lockheart of Final Fantasy VII fame. Not only did we recently see her debut in Final Fantasy VII Remake, but now she's on her way to Dissidia Final Fantasy as the next DLC character. Read on for more.

  • Sunday March 24, 2019
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy Adds Final Fantasy XIV's Zenos yae Galvus

    Stormblood character joins the roster on April 11

    Square Enix revealed the latest DLC character for Dissidia Final Fantasy, and this one hails from Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. Read on for more about the addition of Zenos yae Galvus after the jump.

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