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    Sunday February 19, 2023
  • FEATURE: 10 Anime Delinquents Too Good To Be Bad

    Get your menacing slouch on!

    Anime has had many great delinquents over the years, but it's interesting to sit back and look at just how unique and varied they can be. Are you ready to get rowdy?

  • Tuesday December 13, 2022
  • The 8 Best Last-Minute Anime Gifts in the Crunchyroll Store

    Hurry! Time is running out so get your holiday gifts now!

    Are you scrambling trying to figure out holiday gifts at the last-minute? Don't worry! Check out these simple quick fixes and treat your loved ones to something fun.

  • Friday October 7, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: Meet the ADR Director Behind Fruits Basket!

    We spoke with ADR Director Caitlin Glass about her career and favorite anime

    English dubs have been an integral part of the way we watch anime since Astro Boy in the '60s, and today we're talking to one of the people who helps bring those dubs to life! An ADR (automated dialog replacement) director is responsible for overseeing the entire process for English dubs and works closely with actors, script writers, and audio engineers to make sure the end product is the best it can possibly be! We had the opportunity to chat with legendary ADR Director Caitlin Glass (director of Fruits Basket, Horimiya, Ouran High School Host Club, and many many more) about her career, how she got started in the industry, and some of her favorite anime in and outside of the booth! 

  • Monday August 15, 2022
  • Crunchyroll Announces November 2022 Home Video Releases, Including Fruits Basket -prelude- and More!

    You'll soon be able to own given, The Heike Story and a bunch of other awesome titles

    Another month of home video solicitations has arrived, this time detailing all of the titles you can expect from Crunchyroll in November 2022! Read on for all the details.

  • Friday July 22, 2022
  • Fruits Basket Stage Play to Return for Its 2nd Season in 2023

    Nogizaka46 member Ayano-Christie Yoshida played the protagonist Tohru Honda

    July 22, on the release day of the first show's Blu-ray in Japan, the official website for Fruits Basket The Stage, the stage play adaptation of Natsuki Takaya's Fruits Basket manga, announced that its second show entitled "2nd Season" is set to be performed in 2023. Hit the jump for more details!

  • Friday July 15, 2022
  • Crunchyroll Announces October 2022 Home Video Releases, Including Ranking of Kings and More!

    Latest batch of titles are now available to pre-order

    Warm up your physical media player of choice, because Crunchyroll is here to officially unveil its home video solicitations for October 2022! Read on for more.

  • Thursday June 23, 2022
  • FEATURE: 5 Things To Know Before Fruits Basket -prelude-

    What can we expect from the film and how does it relate to the series?

    Fruits Basket -prelude- brings the long-awaited backstory of Kyoko and Katsuya to light, as well as some familiar faces to the big screen. Hit the jump for more. 


  • Monday June 20, 2022
  • FEATURE: 9 Upcoming Anime Films to Check Out This Summer

    Let's explore this summer's selection of anime theatrical releases!

    From major franchises to acclaimed independent productions, there are all sorts of anime films hitting the big screen this summer. Today on Why It Works, let's run down some of the screenings to look out for as we head toward July and beyond!