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    Friday December 2, 2022
  • Monster Hunter Rise Expands the Hunt on Xbox, PlayStation and Windows in January

    You'll be able to jam this one on Game Pass at launch

    Following its earlier release on Nintendo Switch and Steam, Monster Hunter Rise is about to make the leap to some new platforms. Read on for more.

  • Thursday December 1, 2022
  • Genshin Impact and More Take Home 2022 Google Play Awards

    Apex Legends Mobile won as the best overall game this year

    It's that time of the year again, as the Google Play Best of 2022 are here to name the top apps and games. Genshin Impact is among a few that took home the honors this time, so let's take a look at the list after the jump!

  • Street Fighter 6 Gets Pumped for Second Closed Beta Test in December

    The latest sample is coming to consoles and PC from December 16-19

    If you've been prepping for Street Fighter 6, you'll soon have another chance to get some matches in ahead of its debut. Read on for the latest closed beta info.

  • Wednesday November 30, 2022
  • Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society Plumbs Dungeon Depths in Gameplay Trailer

    Sequel hits consoles and PC on February 14, 2023

    Get ready to crawl some dungeons, because a new gameplay trailer has arrived for Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society. Check it out after the jump.

  • Tales of Symphonia Remastered Trailer is All About Story

    Updated version of the classic entry arrives in February

    If you're looking forward to the updated HD version of Tales of Symphonia, a new trailer has arrived to highlight its story. Check it out after the jump!

  • Tuesday November 29, 2022
  • Atelier Ryza 3 Shows Off Gameplay Features in Latest Trailer

    Third Ryza entry hits consoles and PC around the world in February

    Koei Tecmo America came through with a new trailer for Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key, which is coming to consoles and PC around the world in February. Read on for more.

  • Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour Event Announces 2023 Return

    Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dragon Ball Super Card Game and Dragon Ball Legends featured

    AAAAAHHHHH!!! That's us getting fired up for the next Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour event, which is officially set to return for more fun sometime next year. Read on for more.

  • Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion Prepares for Launch with Final Trailer

    Remaster of PSP spinoff launches on December 13

    The HD remaster of Final Fantasy VII prequel Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is almost here with its updated take on the 2007 PSP entry. Check out the launch trailer after the jump.

  • Crunchyroll Games Launches The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden Mobile RPG

    New game based on the anime is available on iOS and Android

    The latest anime-based RPG from Crunchyroll Games is The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden, which officially launched today on iOS and Android devices. Read on for more.

  • Saturday November 26, 2022
  • WitchSpring R Game's Console and PC Port Delayed to 2023

    Kiwi Walks shares a new trailer along with the postponement news

    A delay has been announced for WitchSpring R, which has Kiwi Walks porting the iOS and Android game WitchSpring to consoles and PC. Read on for the latest update.

  • New Utawarerumono Spinoff Visual Novel Sleuths Its Way to PS4, Switch

    Gizoku Tantei Nosuri hits the consoles in Japan as digital title on December 22

    Right alongside the latest news for the Utawarerumono Mask of Truth anime—which will wrap up with a double episode on December 24—came the announcement of a new spinoff visual novel. Read on for more.