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    Saturday May 30, 2020
  • PreCure CG Designer Retires from Toei to Pursue Original Projects

    Hiroshi Miyamoto hints at starting his own studio

    Hiroshi Miyamoto, the director behind many of the familiar CG sequences in PreCure, is moving on to pastures new. The artist and designer has new goals in mind as he leaves his post at Toei. Get the news after the jump!

  • Tuesday May 19, 2020
  • New App Lets You Look up Info on All 61 PreCure

    PreCure Dictionary is now available for smartphones in Japan

    With 61 magical girls to its name, PreCure (also known as Glitter Force) can be hard to keep tabs on. Fortunately, a new app gives fans a full encyclopedia of the characters in the long-running anime franchise. Find out more about it after the jump!

  • Sunday August 4, 2019
  • DanMachi Star Soma Saito Joins Cast of Star Twinkle PreCure

    A new alien joins the stellar cast of characters!

    The out-of-this-world new season of PreCure is getting another alien character! DanMachi and SSSS.GRIDMAN star Soma Saito joins the cast in this week's episode, with more from his character to follow. Who is he? Find out more after the jump!

  • Friday July 26, 2019
  • New PreCure Apparel Line Lets Parents and Kids Share the Magic

    Shirts, hoodies, and muffler towels feature all the magical girls from the long-running franchise

    Now in its 16th year, PreCure is a beloved show for parents and kids alike. So Bandai is rolling out matching shirts for kids and grown-ups! Take a look at the new items after the jump.

  • Wednesday July 19, 2017
  • "Glitter Force Doki Doki" to Get Hearts Pounding on Netflix Next Month

    Streaming service lists its debut for August 18

    Fans of Glitter Force—AKA the Saban localization of the Smile Precure! anime—can look forward to more in the not-so-distant future. Next up is Glitter Force Doki Doki, which is the English version of 2013-2014 series Dokidoki! Precure, and Netflix has it listed for an August 18 debut. Read on for more.

  • Tuesday August 30, 2016
  • "Glitter Force" Promotes Second Season with a Bunch of Clips

    Season 2 now available to stream on Netflix

    Are you already deep into (or completely through) the second season of Netflix's PreCure localization Glitter Force? It made its debut on the streaming service over the weekend, and the YouTube channel has been promoting the return with a bunch of clips. 

  • Friday July 29, 2016
  • Netflix Schedules Season 2 Of "Precure" Localization "Glitter Force"

    Glitter Force season 2, the continuation of Saban's localized version of 2012's Smile PreCure!, joins the streaming service on August 26th

    Netflix's streaming plans for August 2016 have been published. Of note, Glitter Force season 2, the continuation of Saban's localized version of 2012's Smile PreCure! ,joins the offering on August 26th. On the flip side, Death Note (2006), Naruto Shippûden the Movie: Bonds (2008) and Naruto Shippuden: The Movie (2007) are out on the 31st. More after the jump.

  • Tuesday March 15, 2016
  • Because You Demanded It, Latest "Glitter Force" Music Video Posted!

    With Glitter Force (the localized Smile Precure) running on Netflix, the series' YouTube channel has posted another music video for "Believe In You"

    With Glitter Force (the localized Smile Precure) running on Netflix, the series' YouTube channel has posted another music video for "Believe In You," performed by pop group Blush.  If you enjoyed "Run (All Together)," check out latest after the jump.

  • Saturday March 5, 2016
  • "Glitter Force" Gets Down In Official Music Video

    With Glitter Force (that's Smile Precure to you otaku!) running on Netflix, the series' YouTube channel has posted the music video for "Run (All Together)" performed by pop group Blush

    With Glitter Force (that's Smile Precure to you otaku!) running on Netflix. the series' YouTube channel has posted the music video for "Run (All Together)" performed by pop group Blush. Get a look after the jump.

  • Monday February 15, 2016
  • Interview: Blush Takes Girl Power to the Next Level With "Glitter Force"

    We have a chat with Blush about the Netflix series, recording for a worldwide audience, and more!

    Netflix's Glitter Force is a dubbed version of the shoujo series Smile PreCure! and it's got an all-new soundtrack from girl group Blush as well as an all-new voice cast for a wider American audience. Hit the jump for more!

  • Monday December 14, 2015
  • VIDEO: "Glitter Force" Trailer Gets Pumped for Its Netflix Debut

    Saban's localization of "PreCure" hits the streaming service on December 18

    Saban's localization of the Smile PreCure! anime, Glitter Force, is getting ready to make its English debut on Netflix. The 20-episode first season hits the streaming service worldwide, excluding Asia, on December 18, and you can see a preview in the first-look trailer after the jump.

  • Monday September 28, 2015
  • Netflix Pages for "Glitter Force" and "The Seven Deadly Sins" Spotted Online

    Could this mean that good news for anime fans in English-speaking countries may be coming soon?

    Intrepid fans have spotted entries for Glitter Force and The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix's U.S. and Japan launch pages, respectively. Could this mean that these anime will be available to English-speaking audiences in the near future? Hit the jump to speculate.

  • Thursday September 24, 2015
  • Saban Brands Advertises "Smile PreCure!" Adaptation as "Glitter Force"

    Ad copy and promotional artwork for 40 episode "girls action" show appears in trade magazines

    Saban Brands has been advertising a new "girls action" TV show in trade magazines under the title of Glitter Force, and the artwork used is from Smile PreCure!, a 2012 TV anime from Toei. Hit the jump to learn more.