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    Wednesday November 6, 2019
  • 15 Years Later, Gunbuster 2 Still Represents A Special Era In Anime History

    It's fascinating to revisit over and over again

    Before Hideaki Anno founded Studio Khara, but after FLCL changed the game with its intense metaphors and visual luster, we had Gunbuster 2, a series that spotlights a very specific, very important era of anime. Hit the jump to find out why it's so endlessly fascinating!

  • Friday October 18, 2019
  • Celebrate Norio Wakamoto’s Birthday by Learning About the Man Behind the Iconic Voice!

    It's time to celebrate, for it's Norio Wakamoto's 74th birthday!

    Even if you don’t know his name, you likely know his voice; one of the most prolific voice actors in anime, Norio Wakamoto, is celebrating his 74th birthday today. So put on your best birthday hats, practice rolling your R’s, and join us as we celebrate the life and career of one of anime’s most memorable voices! Hit the jump to join in!

  • Wednesday September 18, 2019
  • Five Anime Schools We Wish We Could Attend

    The entrance exams can't be easy

    It's time to head back to school... but what if you could choose to transfer to a school from one of your favorite anime? We've narrowed down a few we'd love to go to (if we thought we could pass the entrance exams). Head back to class with us after the jump!

  • Wednesday May 22, 2019
  • Celebrating the Birth of a Legend with Hideaki Anno's Top 10 Works!

    Let's look back at Hideaki Anno's eclectic filmography with our top 10 favorites!

    Hideaki Anno is a visionary director responsible for several classic and memorable shows and movies. To celebrate his birthday, we're ranking our top 10 works of his and dissecting just what makes them great! Read more after the jump!

  • Thursday April 11, 2019
  • 6 Anime Theories for What the Black Hole Photo Actually Is

    It's not "just a black hole," that's not how this works at all

    The Internet is buzzing about the first-ever photograph of a black hole. But what's really going on out in Messier 87? We're going down the list of possibilities, from pirates and giant robots to superheroes and more giant robots. Check out our theories, and share yours, after the jump!

  • Friday September 7, 2018
  • Gaina Helms Production for Gunbuster 3 and Wings of Honneamise 2

    Original TV anime "Rescue Academia" now on track for a 2021 release

    Formerly known as Gainax Fukushima, animation studio Gaina Co., Ltd. has announced a new slate of upcoming anime projects, including a theatrical anime film Aoki Uru / Uru in Blue (the sequel to Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise), original anime projects Top o Nerae! 3 / Gunbuster 3 (tentative title) and Akubi o Suru niwa Wake ga Aru ("There is a Reason for Yawning"), and a children's anime TV series entitled Rescue Academia. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Friday July 6, 2018
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One: Anime's Best Mecha Co-Pilots

    The strongest mechs require two people at the controls!

    While mechas usually tend to have just one pilot, these anime series show us why two heads are better than one. Let's look at the best co-pilots mecha anime has to offer!

  • Tuesday February 21, 2017
  • Gainax Co-Founders Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and Hiroyuki Yamaga Talk "Gunbuster 3," "FLCL 2," "Panty & Stocking"

    In September 2016, Eldur_380 from OtaCrew had a chance to speak to Gainax co-cofounders

    In September 2016, Eldur_380 from OtaCrew had a chance to speak to Gainax cofounders Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (character designer on Evangelion, FLCL, Wings of Honnêamise, Nadia) and Hiroyuki Yamaga (director on Honneamise, Mahoromatic, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi). In this in depth interview, translated by Wave Motion Cannon, the veteran creators spoke about the state of Gainax, Honnêamise sequel Uru in Blue and more. Get the details after the jump.

  • Sunday September 18, 2016
  • Third "Aim for the Top! - Gunbuster" Reportedly In Development - UPDATED

    Report about news from Hiroyuki Yamaga out of German anime event Connichi

    In 2013, Gainax co-founder and president Hiroyuki Yamaga was named as the director of a revived project in which the studio would produce a Blue Uru anime movie. Now, his name is connected to another project from a studio that has been fairly quiet in recent years. According to @Eldur_380, Yamaga said at German anime event Connichi that a third anime from the Aim for the Top!  aka Gunbuster mech sci-fi series is in development. 

  • Monday August 22, 2016
  • FEATURE: Found in Translation - The Evolution of the Word “Otaku” [PART 1]

    Everybody has heard of otaku, but does the word mean what you think it does?

    Japanese translator Kim Morrissy explores how our favorite anime, manga and light novels are translated into English. What is lost in translation? More importantly, what is found in translation? This week, Kim explores the evolution of the word “otaku” and how its meaning has changed over time in English and Japanese. Hit the jump to read more!

  • Saturday January 30, 2016
  • Index and Nono Featured as Latest FREEing 1/4 Scale Bunny Girl Figures

    Duo due in June and July

    Figure maker FREEing has scheduled the second Gainax Girl to get the huge 1/4 scale, Bunny ver figure. Following Gurren Lagann's Yoko will be Gunbuster: Aim for the Top 2!'s Nono. Also scheduled is the introduction of Raildex to the line with the titular heroine of A Certain Magical Index. Get a look after the jump.

  • Saturday December 19, 2015
  • Time Catches Up With Events of Gainax's "Gunbuster" OAV Series

    December 19, 2015, is the day that humanity's starship "Luxion" is wiped out by giant, alien bugs

    While astute fans have been using social media to chronicle the fictitious events of Neon Genesis Evangelion in real time, otaku have also observed that real life has caught up (at least in terms of calendar dates) with another hit anime from Studio Gainax: Gunbuster, known in Japan as Toppu o Nerae! ("Aim for the Top!"). Hit the jump to learn more. 

  • Wednesday June 17, 2015
  • FEATURE: Shane-nanigans - On Hype Backlash: Kinda-Sorta Gainax Edition

    Sometimes it's cool to hate what's popular, and popular to hate what's cool! BUT WHY!?!

    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion on an anime or manga, that much is certain. But sometimes, wild-eyed individuals appear to strike back against a series whose positive qualities are almost universally acknowledged. They bare the standard of "Hype Backlash", and today, Shane's taking a deeper look at five different (sorta) Gainax titles in hopes of better understanding this odd breed of media fan. Hit the jump and check it out!