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    Monday February 28, 2022
  • FEATURE: Here's Some Anime To Get You In The Elden Ring Spirit!

    These shows will comfort you on your journey, Tarnished

    From Software's long-awaited Elden Ring has finally arrived. Fusing the punishing gameplay of Dark Souls with the storytelling of George R. R. Martin and a vast open world, Elden Ring is sure to dazzle and demolish us for many months to come. Just in time for this new dark fantasy adventure, here are a pile of anime to get you in the Elden Ring spirit!

  • Monday May 3, 2021
  • FEATURE: The Best Action Anime Series For Fans of The Fast and the Furious

    Let's highlight some great anime picks for fans of The Fast and the Furious!

    From its over-the-top action to its belief in the bonds of family, The Fast and the Furious is a franchise that feels more than a little like anime already. And with the latest entry fast approaching, today let's highlight some anime that embody that furious spirit!

  • Wednesday April 14, 2021
  • New Model Kit Lets You Construct the Mighty Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann

    Giga Drill Break definitely included

    The power of the Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann can be yours, for 9,000 yen and a bit of elbow grease! A new model kit from Union Creative depicts the lunar mecha in all its glory. Check out images, and find out where to pre-order yours, after the jump!

  • Friday March 26, 2021
  • Famed Animator and TRIGGER Co-Founder Hiroyuki Imaishi Gets Career-Spanning Exhibition

    The exhibition will be held at the EJ Anime Museum in Saitama

    Much loved animator, a co-founder of studio TRIGGER, and creator of works such as Kill la Kill, Gurren Lagann, and PROMARE, Hiroyuki Imaishi will be the feature of an upcoming exhibition at the EJ Anime Museum this May, titled  "The World of Hiroyuki Imaishi." Learn more after the jump!

  • Friday June 5, 2020
  • We Dig Giant Robots! Recommendations for Mecha Anime Available on Crunchyroll

    Choose from familiar titles to retro classics — and a few you might not know we have!

    Feeling the need for some rocket-punching, galaxy-crushing, humanity-saving action? Dig into Crunchyroll's collection of giant robot anime! Hit the jump for a few series from our catalog — including some you may not have known we have!

  • Monday March 30, 2020
  • Crunchyroll All-Stars: Cameron Jordan is the NFL's Most Hardcore Anime Fan

    NFL Star Cameron Jordan talks about his life-long passion of watching anime, his incredibly deep catalogue, and more!

    The next profile for Crunchyroll All-Stars interviews NFL star Jordan Cameron about how Samurai X and Yu Yu Hakusho launched his deep interest in anime, watching all the classics as a child, and much more!

  • Friday January 24, 2020
  • Gurren Lagann Launches New Line of Perfumes for the Whole Brigade

    Five scents are available in conjunction with a new exhibition for the series

    Gurren Lagann is preparing to drill its way into the Reiwa Period! To celebrate the show's first art exhibition of the new era, a line of perfumes based on your favorite characters is coming out. Check out the larger-than-life scents after the jump!

  • Thursday January 23, 2020
  • PROMARE All-Night Event Includes Kill la Kill, Gurren Lagann Screenings

    It's an Imaishi/Nakashima-thon to celebrate PROMARE's Blu-ray/DVD launch

    In just a little over a week, fans of director Hiroyuki Imaishi and writer Kazuki Nakashima's work will be able to soak in some of their biggest hits all night long. Read on for more about the PROMARE event!

  • Wednesday November 6, 2019
  • 15 Years Later, Gunbuster 2 Still Represents A Special Era In Anime History

    It's fascinating to revisit over and over again

    Before Hideaki Anno founded Studio Khara, but after FLCL changed the game with its intense metaphors and visual luster, we had Gunbuster 2, a series that spotlights a very specific, very important era of anime. Hit the jump to find out why it's so endlessly fascinating!

  • Thursday July 25, 2019
  • 7 Anime Characters Who Can Beat the Crap Out of Goku

    Just a few characters that would 100% beat Son Goku in a 1v1

    Comparing power levels is an honored pastime among Dragon Ball fans, leading to all kinds of speculation about who would be who when. Why leave it just to Dragon Ball characters, though? Power levels aren't anything and anime has a ton of truly overpowered individuals. Son Goku may have one of the most impressive fight records in the galaxy, but you can hit the jump for 7 characters that can definitely take him in a fight!

  • OPINION: The 20 Series EVERY Anime Fan Needs to Watch

    You're missing out if you've never seen these great shows

    Looking to pick up some older shows, but don't know where to start? Hit the jump below to find out which can't miss series on Crunchyroll you might be missing out on!

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